Sunday, November 4, 2012

On the move...again!

Well I had fun looking back at THIS post from 2008 when we got our orders to Travis AFB.  Here we are again...4 years later and we have orders again.

This time here are some clues as to where we are going next:

This is a popular icon:
This team is kind of a big deal:

Well Scott AFB it is!

 It looks like we will be heading to Illinois sometime around the beginning of March.  Jason will have an Air Mobility Command staff job and we're very proud of him and excited about this opportunity!

We have absolutely loved our time here in California!  It's going to be extremely hard to leave but I knew the change was looming and can't help but be excited about our next adventure.  We had a pretty good idea that Scott AFB might be where we would be heading next but we were still anxious and excited to find out what the official orders said!

We knew we would be finding out by the end of October and Jason left on a short TDY last Monday and wouldn't you know that's the day he got his orders.  I'm not sure how it all works but he knew his orders had dropped but because he was TDY he couldn't access the system that showed him his orders so we knew were moving but just didn't know where yet.  I got a text from him that ready "hey honey...i got orders...just don't know where to yet"....ummmmm what?  So....we had to wait but fortunately not too long!  The next morning he made some calls and found out the orders were to Scott and the report date was Feb 8.  That was much quicker than we thought but due to some of Jason's commitments here it's been pushed back until March.  I know it's going to come quick!

Once we got the orders then it hit me...I am going to hate leaving here...all my amazing friends, all of Riley's friends, the great weather, all of the amazing things to do!  There are lots of emotions involved and we've been through it before.  I know God has great plans for us on this next adventure!

We told Riley a few days later and I'm not sure she totally understands it yet.  She is such an outgoing and social little thing that I am not one bit concerned about her making new friends.  I am just sad for her that she's going to have to leave her friends here...she is such a loyal friend and she never forgets a friend!   It's a whole different ball game this time with this move affecting Riley. that we know it's time for me to stress...haha!  So much planning to do!  For now I have the holidays and two birthdays to distract me and keep me plenty busy!  One thing at a time right?