Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Pics

Well it's that time of year for family pics and I love it!  I love seeing everyone's pics come up on Facebook and it's even better when the Christmas cards start rolling in! I'm glad we were able to get in another shoot with Sara before we move...and she moves!  Gotta love the military life!

We shot early on a Sunday morning and it was no small feat getting us all showered, dressed, and to the location by 8:30 but we managed!  We met at this random barn in Vacaville and Sara had never shot there before so we got to be the ginnipigs! It turned out perfect and the barn was green which couldn't have gone better with our outfits!  We kept the whole shoot under 45 minutes and they turned out great!  Good thing my girls are total hams!  Sara did an amazing job as usual!

Here are some of my favorites!