Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day BBQ

 While I was off "galavanting" in the city as Jason would say he was getting ready for a Veteran's Day BBQ at our house!  He had wanted to do this and had pretty much planned it with a few guys in his office and he knew I would be gone until about noon on Monday so he had his work cut out for him..but he did GREAT!

He took both girls grocery shopping the night before!

When I came home the house was spotless, tri tip and pork were smoking outside, and both girls were happy as can be!  What a stud!

Since he had done the planning I didn't really know how many people we had coming over..and neither did he!

But boy did we have a party!

There were probably 20 kids so the bounce house came in handy!

We had to separate big kids and little kids at one point because Riley came in crying saying "they are stepping on my face"...not quite her pace of playing..haha!

But they all had fun and ran around like crazies...just what kids are supposed to do!

 Everybody brought sides and we had SO MUCH food it was awesome!  Lots of people + lots of food = a good time!

 As is typical the men congregated outside and the women inside...haha!

At one point I could hear the littler kids playing but we couldn't find them...turns out they were having a party in our bed..haha!  They had headlamps on with the lights on and a princess memory game going their idea of fun!
 Since the party started early in the afternoon everyone had cleared out by 7 or 8 and we realized Riley had not even eaten anything.  So she sat down for the first time all night and chowed down on some ribs!
 Had to get a pic with the rib cooker extraordinaire...Schwartzy!
It was such a fun time celebrating Veteran's Day!


Didi and Doc said...

Nice job, Jas! Love Riley's rib face. Yum!