Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Months Old

 Tessa is 5 months old!
She is weighing in at 11 lbs 12 oz, finally wearing a size 2 diaper, and is in 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes! 

Shortly after she turned 4 months things in regards to her sleeping turned upside down!!!  We had just gotten a nice routine and then she hit the 4 month sleep regression and it was not fun for about a week or so!  She went from sleeping a good 8+ hours to waking up 1-3 times a night.  It totally took me by surprise.  I was prepared for no sleep when she was a newborn but once they get on a good schedule and then regress it's tough!  I did some research and learned it was typical of this age and the massive amount of development going on.  So we just trudged through and hoped it would get better and it did.  After about a week things got much better and her bedtime moved up.  She started sleeping a 12 hour stretch with one feeding about at about 4 in the morning.  Some days I would push her to around 5 and then I would just get up for the day.  It felt worse to go back to sleep for just a few hours so I would take advantage of the quiet house to myself and get some things done.  Just when I got used to that she started sleeping longer and has been ever since.  She now goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30 or 7:00.  Yay!!!  As for naps she still takes 3 naps a day.  Usually two shorter ones and one longer one.  She's been sleeping in the bassinet in our guest room and that's been working well.  Maybe one day I'll put her in her crib! As for taking the paci away while she sleeps...well that went out the window when we hit that horrible week of sleep regression.  The good news though is that since she sleeps using the Wubbanub (binky attached to a lovie) she can now find it in her crib and put it back in her mouth all on her own...yay!

She started eating rice cereal when she turned 4 months and has been eating it once a day in the evenings this whole month and she's doing great.  I usually feed her right when she wakes up from her last nap and then about 30 minutes later I give her the rice cereal.  She is getting the hang of eating out of a spoon and now she knows when it's time for her cereal.  As soon as I put her in the high chair she starts swinging her arms and getting excited for her food!

She is still the happiest girl..smiling all day...and her grin is infectious!  She is a mover and a shaker...I have a feeling she is going to be walking much sooner than I would like!  She has been rolling from back to belly for awhile but now she is a rolly polly and rolls both ways and I sometimes even have to fight her when I'm changing her diaper because she's trying to roll away from me.

She found her feet this month and loves grabbing them and sucking on them.  It's so cute!

She also is always working her little abs to try and be upright.  If you are holding her or lay her down she picks her head up and strains to be up rather than flat on her back.  Sometimes when we're in the car I look back and she's straining to see if she can sit straight up!

Riley is such a great big sister and just wants so badly to play with Tessa!  We had her princess castle up for several days and every morning she asked if Tessa could go in the castle with her...it was so sweet!
 And here's the comparison pic of the girls!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The twenties are almost over!

 After my birthday tea in Dixon we headed to pick up Grammie and JoePa!

We headed to Emeryville to grab dinner and Riley was soooo happy to see Grammie and JoePa!

 After dinner Jason decided he was going to take Tessa to get her ears pierced...I wanted my girls to have their ears pierced as babies but I didn't want to do it.  My parents took Riley and they are still not happy with me about that so I wasn't about to ask them to take Tessa!  Jason said he would and off they went.  

She did great...Jason said she didn't really react to the first one but was upset with the second but she recovered quickly.  I was on pins and needles waiting to get his call that I would have to come console her but 5 minutes later he was walking down the street and you never would have known she had just gotten them pierced!

 Saturday morning I wanted to go to Bab's for breakfast so off we went!
 It was a great day and we enjoyed the waterfront while we waited for our table!
 JoePa and Riley doing a little dancing!
 That afternoon there was nail painting...
 and real painting!
 Riley said that I also got to be a princess on my birthday...so sweet of her!  We had to all put on tiaras!
 The boys put on tiaras too!
Jason is such a good "girl daddy"...he had a tea party with Riley...with apple cider and my real China cups!

 Time for birthday cake...Chocolate Lush..my fav!
 Riley helped me blow out the candles!
What a great day...lots of good food and my family to celebrate with!

Sunday we went to our favorite place for brunch..Brix!  

My parents had never been and we were excited to take them!

Tessa was excited too!
 Grammie and JoePa with the girls!
 Sweet sisters!
 Family Pic!
What a great birthday weekend for me!

My twenties have been great...I'm honestly not ready to be a 30 year old...well I have one more year before I get there!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Tea

 There is a cute little tea room in Dixon that my friends wanted to go to so we decided to go have tea and celebrate my last year in my twenties! Yikes!

It is a cute little place called Linde Lane and it was such a fun time!

I first was exposed to having tea with my college roommate Dana.  She LOVED having tea and one weekend when I went to her home in Houston we went with her mom and sister to a fancy hotel and had tea..I loved it!  She took me again for her bridesmaid luncheon.  I thought of her the whole time we were here!

I got to wear a tiara the entire time since I was the birthday girl and I couldn't wait to get home and give it to Riley because I knew it would make her day!

Nicki, Jennie, and Me
 My friends are so sweet and spoiled me with great gifts!
 The whole gang!
 Hannah, Ashley, Addi, and Sara
The food and tea was delicious!  I got the Royal Tea which came with a scone, sandwiches, desserts, and tea...yum!

I can't wait to take Riley...she will just be over the moon!

Jason watched the girls while I enjoyed this kid-free lunch with my friends...somehow he managed to mow the lawn with both kids...still not sure how it all went down but when I came home Riley was bathed, the house was spotless, the grass was mowed, and we were off to Oakland to pick up my parents for their visit!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Night in Italy...

We had the privilege of showering Baby Cramer #2...another little boy!

Hannah is not a fan of baby showers...hence the dance party shower that I had!  We gave her two choices for her shower...a night of dancing in Davis or a couple's shower and she chose the couples shower!

We had fun planning a wonderful evening with an Italian theme to honor the fact that Baby #2 was "Made in Italy"..haha!

Hannah and Todd!

 We hosted the shower at our house and timed it so we could have everyone seated on the back patio and the heat wouldn't be too brutal!  It turned out to be a FABULOUS evening and the weather was just perfect!

Since we had so many people coming we asked each couple to bring an appetizer or dessert with an Italian theme!  We had all kinds of great food.  Jason wanted to smoke tri-tip because it's not a party at our house without a big slab of meat...so we made tri-tip crostini's with several sauces...delish!
 We put up lights outside and had just the right amount of tables and chairs...it really felt like a night in Italy!

 Hannah loved all the food and that's all that mattered
 We didn't have games or anything like a typical baby shower...just lots of music, talking, and a little dancing!

There were presents and Hannah and Todd had fun opening those up!

 We are trouble...the three of us!

 Had a fun night with my man too!
Ashley and I did most of the hosting for this shower and it all went off without a hitch!  I had Madison come over and be a mother's helper for a few hours before the shower which was a lifesaver because Addi and Tessa were only 3 and 4 months old so the evenings are the most work!  Once I got Tessa down to sleep which was shortly after everyone got there Madison went home and Tessa slept through MOST of the party.  Riley went and had a sleepover with Ollie and they had their own party!  I say Tessa slept through most of the party because there was a small incident.  The door to our bedroom has a lock...but even when locked the inside handle still turns so it's hard to know that the door is locked.  While Jason was getting ready he went in our bedroom and locked the door...but since he could open it from the inside he walked right out and closed the door behind him...oops!  I went to get my keys to drive Madison home and realized our room was locked.  Both our house keys were INSIDE our bedroom...nice!  Thankfully one of the guests was a construction guy and with a lot of banging and jamming he was able to get the door unlocked...in the middle of all the loud noise Tessa did wake up but thankfully she went right back to sleep!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Riley went to several weeks of swimming lessons before summer kicked off just to get her back in the swing of things.

She loves the water so I wasn't surprised when she picked up right where she left off!

She was so excited to see her friend Vanessa at swim lessons...cuties!

 She did great listening to her teacher!
 She really worked on using her big arms to swim!
 She practiced floating as well!
We only did a few weeks of lessons but that was helpful in getting her ready for the summer.  At the end of each lesson they would play a game and whoever stayed underwater and held their breath the longest was the winner...Riley won every time...this girl can hold her breath!