Friday, April 8, 2011

Month of the Military Child

Riley's school celebrated the Month of the Military Child with a fun parade!  

Ironically the parade happened on the brink of a government shutdown but thankfully that never happened.
Riley's class had made tye dye t-shirts for the parade and they were so cute!

Here's Riley's class from Room 9!
 Ms Shea with some of the kiddos!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daddy's little fishing buddy

Anyone who knows Jason knows his love for's definitely his dream for Riley to love fishing with her Daddy!

She has a fishing pole at my parents lakehouse but Jason got her a fishing pole for our house too and then he brought home some worms.

She was not so into the worms at first, but when he pretended to eat them she thought that was hilarious and was much more into checking them out!
 Before we knew it she was outside picking up the worms and loving life!
 Don't get too close there little girl!
Oh the memories she will have fishing with her Daddy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Barbara comes to the West Coast!

Barbara came out for a girls weekend in early April and we lived it up for the few days she was here!  She left Atlanta bright and early on a Friday and I took the day off and picked her up at SFO for a girls day in the city!

We figured we better get some grub before the arduous task of shopping so we headed to the patio of Cheesecake Factory for a yummy lunch!
 Then we made our way through the streets of San Francisco and did some shopping..even though we now have a Forever 21 in Fairfield I still can't pass up the three story one in San Fran!
 Saturday Jason had to work in the morning so we took Riley to the park to fly her kite and play!  We happened to run into several friends while we were there and got her kite stuck in the tree...I say that's a successful visit to the park!
 After the park we went for lunch at In-N-Out!
 That afternoon Jason went golfing and Riley was a silly girl outside while we watched Daddy golf by!
 Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to ever since Barbara planned this day in Napa!!!!  We found this awesome spa attached to a hotel and they had their own tasting room...even better!

Hannah joined me and Barbara for our fabulous day...her hubby had promised her a spa day after one of his long trips.  He had to trump us though because while we were enjoying our spa day he called while on another trip to say their plane broke in Europe and he was headed to Paris for the day..punk!

The spa was actually in a cave underground and it was FABULOUS!
 We had all picked which treatments we wanted...I had a massage, a body scrub, and a facial...and of course we all took advantage of the sauna and jacuzzi beforehand!

After we were all done we showered and then headed to the tasting room in this attire...haha!
 Then we "hammered" as my Dad would say and got all gussied up to meet up with some more friends for a great brunch!
 We went to Brix for their Sunday brunch which I had heard about but had not yet gotten to try...oh my goodness it was absolutely some of the best food ever.  We had the perfect table outside and it was just a picturesque day in the wine country with great food and great friends!

After brunch we headed to Freemark Abbey, the winery that Lance and Barbara are members at, and had some wine!

Nicki was out of control...not really...but this pic is funny!
 Barbara, Nicki, and Jennie
 Me, Hannah, and Paula
We headed home and Barbara then caught a shuttle back to SFO for a red eye back to Atlanta.  It was quick trip but it was so much fun!  Thanks Barbara for coming to visit! 

Jason and Riley had a fun daddy daughter day while we were being pampered and I came home to his first batch of smoked salmon for was a great end to a great weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's the little things

 It's the little things that can sometimes be the funnest things!

Like having her friend Vanessa over one afternoon to play before they had dance class!

They were both princesses and were getting their dancing practice in!

 Then it was time to get dressed...and of course play with Macy, the "doggie and the leash"
 Or like flying a kite with her Daddy!

Jason bought a BEAUTIFUL princess kite to fly with Riley and she loved it!
 We usually have a pretty steady wind at our house but this day of course there was NO wind...but thanks to YouTube we figured out the trick to flying a kite with no wind and we were successful!
 Love how she's following her Daddy!

Then they had a better idea...she could ride on his shoulders and fly the kite!  Much more fun for her but not as successful at getting the kite in the air!  What a fun afternoon!
 And of course having a popsicle on the driveway with Mommy is one of our favorite things to do!

Sometimes the little things give us some of the greatest memories!