Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Riley photo shoot...compliments of Megan

Here are the shots Megan took this weekend...they are so cute!

This first one is my absolute favorite...this little girl will get whatever she wants with this face...we are SO in trouble!

Once did a great job Megan...thanks so much!

Memorial Day and Happy Birthday to Me!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend packed full of hanging out with Grammie and JoePa...we LOVE when they come to visit and Riley loved having them here to play with her ALL day! We knew Tuesday would be a rough day at daycare after all the attention, but it was actually no big deal for her...she's so laid back!
We started off the weekend by celebrating my birthday (the big 25!!) with a nice dinner at Brave this is the restaurant that I took my graceful fall in 6 days before delivering Riley...I am proud to report that not only did I not fall I also was finally able to eat there and it was delicious! I received lots of shopping money and giftcards so I can revamp my wardrobe as I near my pre-pregnancy weight...almost there!
Saturday was a nice day around the house just hanging out...we all took a nice walk and the boys put together Jason's new smoker and he smoked a brisket...we sat outside during the afternoon and enjoyed the weather!
Grammie and JoePa were able to see all that Riley has learned since their last visit...touching faces, rolling over, eating food, and laughing, laughing, laughing...

Sunday we went to church and heard an awesome message from Rick...then we went over to the Witte's for lunch...thanks Megan for a great meal!

We were able to catch up with Megan and Dave and my parents always love seing their "other" daughter! Megan took more pics of Riley...they are getting a post of their own because they are AWESOME!

Sunday evening Grammie and JoePa babysat while Jason and I headed downtown for the annual Riverfest...fried foods, great people watching, and live entertainment! We saw Robert Earl Keen who is a great Texas country artist that we have seen many was a lot of fun! We saw fireworks as we were leaving and I even got to have a corn dog and ice cream...they make a special flavor every year just for Riverfest and this year's was even had candy seeds in it...yummy!

Monday we celebrated Memorial Day...thanks to all of those who have served our country and protected our freedom! We had a nice lunch with my parents and Jason's family before Grammie and JoePa had to leave...we miss you already!

After we saw Grammie and JoePa off we headed to the Burns for a cookout...more you see a trend here? Derek and Tara has just purchased an inflatable pool for Kaleb to play in and Riley got her try at hanging out in the pool for the first time. Now just for the record she has a super cute swimsuit from Aunt Patrice but I didn't know swimming would be involved so we did not bring it with us...therefore Riley had an Arkansas baby moment as she swam with her sunglasses, binky, and diaper!

She really enjoyed the pool...especially playing with her ducky...thanks to Andrea for helping keep the ducky within arms reach!

We played washers, ate good food, and just enjoyed great times with our friends...thank you Andrea for the great birthday cake! As you can see we had a fun filled weekend and Riley was pooped by the end of it all!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Check these out...

Last Friday night Riley and I spent some time with was long overdue and we had such a fun time! Megan cooked a great dinner and we just played with Riley...she was extra full of giggles and smiles! Megan loves photography and has been taking classes and pursuing this passion lately...let me tell you...she is EXTREMELY talented! So far she has taken the BEST shots of Riley and she took some more shots Friday night. Here they are!

Thank you Megan...these are precious to me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Laughing Videos

Here are two videos of Riley laughing...of course her parents are using the most common form of torture...tickles!!! She is a ticklish little girl and she has already started the trick of laughing before the tickle even starts!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 Months Old

Today Riley is 5 months old...geez! We had such an awesome day and Riley has been extra full of laughter, giggles, and smiles so we have cherished each of them. Here are some things that Riley is doing at 5 months old...

  • Sleeping at least 9 hours every night, but moving toward a consistent 10...we have established a nighttime routine and she is always super ready for her bed and she snuggles with one of her buddies every night until she falls asleep
  • Grabbing for not only her toys, but EVERYTHING...including mom's jewelry, people's faces, cameras, and today she even started grabbing at her bow and pulling it off...oh no!!!
  • Rolling over from belly to back and with a little help from back to belly...she isn't super anxious to get moving and we're not going to push her to move any sooner than she wants to because that will be a total change for us!
  • Laughing...I will post some videos of her laugh which is completely there now and so cute!
  • Sitting up with assistance from either the bumbo or someone propped behind her...left alone she falls forward and just tries to stick her feet in her looks very uncomfortable, but she doesn't seem to mind
  • Constantly putting her feet in her mouth and loves to be in that pose at all times!
  • Eating solid foods...we started out with cereal once a day, then we added solids starting with peas and now we are on to squash...she eats lunch every day at daycare (a solid mixed with cereal) and then solids at home with us for dinner...she still has 4 total feedings! This girl loves to eat and hasn't seemed confused by different tastes...I have a feeling she is going to eat anything we put in her mouth!

Looking back at her milestones for month 4 it seems like she has taken great leaps in one month...this was a period of a lot of change and the transition from newborn to is so fun to teach and watch her try new things!

Rolling Over...taught by Riley

Step One: Lay on belly...look cute...and pick a toy to play with...I love playing with my moose!

Step Two: Lay your head down on one side...look cute...and keep focused on playing with toy until your body starts to roll to the side as well!

Step Three: Swing leg over to get momentum for entire body to roll over...look cute...keep focus on toy!

Step Four: Lay back, relax, and look cute because you have just rolled over...yeah!

Such an awesome day...

Playing in the front yard...doesn't that smile just make your day?

Today was such a great day...Arkansas has seen some major weather these past few months and the normal Spring weather has been interrupted by frequent storms and tornadoes, but today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We spent much of our day outside and it was great! We had the Burns family and the Yazwinski family over for hamburgers and MANY other side don't go hungry when you come and eat at the Purcell house! We ate outside and sat there for several hours afterwards just talking and enjoying the nice weather. After our company left Jason washed cars and dogs and Riley and I played in the front yard for an hour and a was just so stinkin' nice outside we couldn't resist!

The whole gang hanging out after our feast!

Jason getting / giving kisses to the puppies...they are so nice and clean...they NEEDED baths!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have been tagged...

Well this is a first for me, but I have been tagged by my dear friend Nicole who reminded me of a great story where I horribly burnt some popcorn in her microwave when I was hanging out at her apartment in high was hilarious! I am supposed to post three random things about myself so here goes:

1. I am a horrible nap taker...I have never really taken naps well because I am the type of person that wakes up in a panic when I nap because I am afraid I have missed something...I hate to miss things! I have to admit that I have gotten better at napping since Riley has been in my life b/c there is nothing better than snuggling with your little girl, but when I think of the perfect day I don't think I would have a nap in there anywhere...silly me!

2. My biggest pet peave is smacking...CAN'T STAND IT! That will be the first table manner that Riley learns is to chew with her mouth closed. Sometimes Jason will smack his gum in my ear just to get a rise out of me...what a sweetie!

3. I used to be "ghetto"...many of you know the story / stories behind this but a brief synopsis would be that I wanted a candy apple red empala with hydraulics for my first car...this was a brief stage I went through in 8th grade and then I met Jason my freshman year in high school and he "converted" me! HaHa!

Well I hope that the way Nicole...I always think of how you would hang up your clean clothes in your closet inside out! That always cracked me up!

I tag Becky, Megan, and Tara...tell us some random things about you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I celebrated my first Mother's Day yesterday and how special it was. I was ordered to stay in bed all morning which was kind of hard for me, yet very enjoyable. Me and Riley hung out and even took a nap together and then Jason served me breakfast in bed...buttermilk blueberry pancakes, eggs with ham, tomatoes, and shallots, bacon, fruit salad, coffee, and juice! I ate like a queen! When Riley woke up from her nap he brought her in and she was holding my card and she had even written me a long sweet note and she is treating me to a day at the sweet! I can't wait for that will be very relaxing!
We took a, Riley, and the puppies but it was short-lived because it was so windy it was almost is Riley ready for the walk!

A special shout out to my mom who spent her Mother's Day in Vegas...what happens in Vegas Mom stays in Vegas! Thanks for being you and for all you have done for me and taught are the best and we miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much! I hope you had a special day too!

To top off my Mother's Day Riley rolled over from her belly to her back for the first time...she was hanging out on our bed for a little tummy time and I watcher her get on her side and roll all the way over... she just smiled huge when I started going crazy! She did it once more and then she had had enough and she hasn't showed her dad yet!

P.S. - Mom got into her nice pre-preggo work pants this morning...woohoo!

My new digs...

Well mom and I spent a few hours shopping on Saturday and guess what? Everything we got was for ME!!!!! I got a Bumbo seat, a new butterfly toy, new bottles, some new bows, and most importantly peas and squash! That's right...I get to start eating food now. So far I have only tried the peas and I like them...I am eating them for lunch and dinner...on Thursday I will get to try something new...

As you can see shopping is all about Riley now and I wouldn't have it any other way! She and I have gotten to spend some quality time together just us girls lately! Dad went fishing Friday night and Saturday morning so we had a girls night / was so much fun. I love every moment I spend with this little girl! Friday night we napped on the couch together, played, had a bath, and Riley was asleep by 9:30 and didn't make a peep until 7:30 Saturday got some nice sleep! Saturday we went to visit Jamie, Seth, and Baby Gabe...boy is he a cutie! Then we went to visit Elizabeth and Baby Joel and then we went shopping! Saturday night we celebrated Frank's birthday with a nice dinner at Loca Luna and while we were eating all kinds of yummy food Riley got to try sweet peas for the first time...what a lucky girl! We had watcher all over the restaurant as we all stared to see how her first bite would be and she just ate like a question she is Jason's daughter!

Happy Birthday to my Grandpa's!!!

Both my grandpas celebrated birthdays last week!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm sorry the blogging has been once a week lately...I'm trying mom! We are constantly up to something which is fun, but sometimes exhausting too! This weekend we were able to hang out with our first neighbors in Arkansas, Thomas and Hayden, and there little boy Will at their new house...they were blessed with their second little boy yesterday, Gibb! We also went to one of Christopher's soccer games and they won with the only goal scored in the last 2 minutes of the game. We also had our last small group for the season and Jason and I helped lead as we talked about the personality traits of families and what kind of legacy we want to leave for our children...all this stuff we have to think about now that we are parents! Monday night we went to Jason's softball game and went out to eat with the made it feel like it was still the weekend which was nice.

We are constantly overwhelmed by how easy Riley is to take care of...she is just all fun! In fact we received an outfit that says "Patience Tester" on it and when I got it I felt guilty even considering putting in on her because it's so not the case with her, but it was a really soft outfit so we have dubbed it as a set of pajamas so that she's not wearing it in public...we are so silly! She has been doing great eating cereal although her little body has had a hard time adjusting, but we are working through all of that. I think next week we will try some actual baby food and see how she does! She is also working on sitting up on her own...she still has a ways to go, but I think she likes the view from up there rather than laying down.

Mom and Riley...relaxing after Jen's shower!

Naps with Dad will always be a special time for her and Jason...this is what I came home to Tuesday sweet! Do you think she's gotten to the picture below taken in January!

Showering Jen and Baby Chandler

The girls threw another shower this past weekend for Jen and Baby Chandler...we did a brunch and it turned out beautiful and the food was great! We had a good turnout including 5 babies at one point...aaahhhh!! Even with all 5 babies, there were moments of no crying from any of them...amazing. The twins were there, Riley and Kaleb were there, and baby Sydney was there at only a week and a half old...come on Jamie you so should have been there...Gabe was already 3 days old! HaHa! There were also 3 babies in utero...Chandler, Deacon, and Stella! My goodness how the babies are coming!

Riley and Kaleb were able to play together before the shower began and boy were they into one another...check out how Kaleb is sweetly touching her face. The "sweetly" is only how it appears in the picture because in reality his little arms are moving a mile a minute and he is more like banging his hand on Riley's face while she looks in puzzled confusion. This picture is so cute though!

Here's Riley telling Sydney just how happy she is that Stella is healthy and how excited she is that she will have another girl to play with...we can't wait to meet you Stella!

Yummy Feet

Well it is official that Riley has found her feet...and she has tried to taste them many a time as well! It is amazing how limber babies doesn't even phase her to have her legs flat against her body and her feet in her mouth...I don't think I could do that! This is how she lays now even when you are changing her diaper...very lady-like!

Apparently socks are just as tasty as feet as you can see here! It's the beginning of the days where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth!