Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tea Time...

 I had been wanting to take Riley to tea at Linde Lane ever since I went with my girlfriends for my birthday!  I knew she would love it! 

I was wanting to take her for her birthday but our weekends are so busy that this weekend was one of the only ones we had to go so off we went.  I don't get much time with Riley all to myself so I ate it up!

I surprised her with a new dress and some "high heal" shoes and she was ecstatic!

We got all dressed up and off we went!

Love this girl!

 She chose a caramel tea and added quite a few sugar cubes to get it just right!

She loved having a big girl cup, her own tea pot, and the clinking of her spoon on her's the little things!
 Riley got the Teddy Bear tea which is compiled of many sugary things...a chocolate chip scone, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cookie, and a cupcake!  This girl was in heaven!

 We had such a fun time.  Riley loved going to the table near us with the chess game on it and she was convincing me she knew how to play...I don't even know how to play chess!  A sweet older lady from the Red Hat Society was coming by throughout our meal modeling hats and that was fun to see!
I loved my quality time with Riley...she is such a little lady and I hope this is the first of many of our tea times together!


Didi said...

Love the "cupcake eyes". She's her Didi's granddaughter for sure! :) What a sweet time!