Thursday, November 22, 2012


 We have so much to be thankful for.  God is good.  We are blessed.

We started off the day by meeting up with friends to go on a walk.  It was no leisure walk though...we walked up this crazy street that is a very steep winding hill!  We took Hank and it didn't seem to wear him out too much but it sure did wear us out!  Jason pushed both girls in the stroller for a while until we caught up with everyone and then Riley was off to play with her friends and walk like a big girl!  It was a great way to start the day and help with any later guilt from all the food intake!

We came home and facetimed with our families all over the place and Jason made some breakfast tacos.  I got busy cooking after that...I made PW's Mashed Potatoes, PW's Pecan Pie, and a Pumpkin Roll!

We shared this special day with a couple of other families and it was great!

Riley, Madison, and Samantha had fun playing together!

Tessa was busy checking out a new house and practicing toddling around everything!

 She discovered stairs and was in love...she got pretty angry when I pulled her off the stairs when it was time to eat...this sweet little thing has a pretty strong opinion when she doesn't get what she wants! :)
 Jessica and Me...with our little girls...Quinn and Tessa!
 Riley and Madison with their babies!
 Riley and Madison got to sit at their own "big girl" table and they loved it!
 The spread!
 We all ate to our hearts content...even Tessa who put down an insane amount of food!

Daddy loved the post-turkey cuddles!
 Tessa is so affectionate...always wanting to hug, give pat pats, and kisses!  Here she was planting Quinnie with a kiss!
 The dudes...doing the dishes...I mean relaxing! :)
 Family pic time!
 The Spurlock fam!
We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving too!