Sunday, June 29, 2008

More summer fun...and some not so fun!

Nothing like a family walk on a warm evening...Riley felt it the perfect environment to take a little snooze!
Friday evening we went to dinner with Chuck and Stacy...Air Force friends who are about to move to Guam for 3 years! We wish them the best...their first 60 days will be spent on a resort on the beach...I'm thinking that sounds pretty nice! We had a nice dinner but this unfortunately is where the "not so fun" begins.

We have constantly complained about the Mexican food here in Arkansas understanding that we come from San Antonio...home of the best Tex Mex around so our expectations are rather high! We have found that El Porton was somewhat of a decent restaurant that could curb our Mexican food craving, but unfortunatly that is no longer the case. Jason and I both had shrimp in our meals and suffered a bout of food poisoning...NOT FUN! I was sick within two hours of eating and Jason got sick early the next actually worked out good that we got sick at different times so we could take care of each other and Riley along the way. This stuff messed with our bodies as our first meals of the weekend were eaten today and still with a little discomfort. We are definitely feeling MUCH better and wouldn't wish that on anyone! Now we are about to embark on our trip to Texas and have this fear of Mexican sad is that! I'm sure we will quickly get over it but right now that is the furthest thing from my mind!

Despite not feeling that great...the weekend must go on! We got to have Haylie over for a while while her mom and dad enjoyed a couple's massage...her dad just returned from serving in Iraq so we were glad to give the two of them some time together and the girls were so good and had a lot of fun together...they were both napping when Haylie's parents came to pick her up!

Can I emphasize how awesome it is that Riley is holding her own bottle? We even tried a sippy cup this week and she did pretty well. At first she just tryed gnawing on it...I think it felt really good on her little gums! She then quickly figured out how to get her milk out and she went to town...this girl does not mess around when it comes to eating...hmmm I wonder where she gets that from!

Saturday afternoon I went to Ashley's shower that we hosted...SO CUTE! We did an ice cream theme with a full ice cream sundae was a great idea and catered to Ashley because she is a picky eater but ice cream is a favorite of hers! As good as everything looked my stomach was not ready to embrace ice cream after all that it had been through so I had to sit this one know I'm sick if I turn down ice cream! Ashley got many great gifts and it was yet another beautiful and fun shower!

Today we went to church and ate with the gang as usual except special guests Tom and Sydney were there! YEAH! Afterwards we spent the afternoon with Jason's family.

Okay, so remember how I told you about the new member of our family, RockBand? Well Jason's parents decided to buy it for the kids too so we spent several hours of the afternoon playing RockBand...we have dubbed ourselves the Purcellos as we are a mix of Purcells and LoRussos!

We had so much fun and the best was having CJ or Gabi sing...they are so cute behind the microphone trying to read the words fast enough to sing them correctly! Gabi is a good little singer and CJ is a rockstar on the drums! So if I haven't enticed you to buy RockBand yet I don't know whatelse to is a super fun game!'s another feature...for all you new parents RockBand is a MUST have as it will literally "rock" your baby to's the proof! How she fell asleep in the midst of the noise of RockBand I have no idea but I guess when the girl's tired she's tired!

We also went to the pool again...this time Jason got to come too and we had a lot of fun. It went pretty much the same as last in the pool for an hour and then nap with mom in the lounge chair! Jason was a jungle gym for the kids and a source of entertainment as he flipped them and threw them every which way and jumped off the diving board a thousand times...good times!

I have to share this cute conversation between Gabi and her friend Abby...Abby was shy around us and Gabi kept wanting her to let Jason throw her in the air and Abby wasn't too keen on the idea...

Gabi: "Why don't you want to swim with me? You keep swimming away when I play with my brother. Are you afraid of my brother?"

Abby: "Well...I'm kind of afraid...he's so big...and it looks like it might hurt."

Gabi: "He's so big because he exercises a lot. When you're a dad and you have a daughter you have to exercise a lot and get big so you can take care of her. Jason has a daughter named Riley"

Isn't that cute? I love conversations overheard between Gabi and her little friends. I forgot to share the one from last was between her and Shelby and Shelby's parents had gone to dinner while Shelby was hanging out with our crazy family!

Gabi: "Shelby, you might HAVE to spend the night at our house"

Shelby: "Why?"

Gabi: "Because your parents are dating"

Well enough blogging for me! I am off to bed before my crazy 3 day work week begins!

Riley's fellow Aggie Class of 2030

Despite the overwhelming amount of Razorback fans there are in Arkansas there are a good amount of Aggies making a presence here and we MUST stick together. Brian and Kristi are friends of ours both through the Air Force and the fact that we are all proud alumni of Texas A&M! Brian and Kristi welcomed their little bundle of joy, Lauren, into this world a week and a half ago and we got to meet her this week. We have already decided that these two little girls will be part of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2030...they have already chatted about what their dorm room will look like!

These great people actually hosted Kristi's birthday party at their house 1 week after Lauren's birth...we should have been bringing them food! It was a lot of fun and Lauren was as sweet as can be...congrats you guys!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Fun...

I am sorry mom for my lack of blogging lately...we have been having too much fun to stop and blog so we'll make up for it now!

Last weekend I got to have a girls night complete with shopping at Forever 21, The Limited, and Victoria's Secret...can we say semi-annual sale? Then we had a nice dinner at Loca Luna complete with a sour apple margarita! I always hate the thought of spending an evening without my Riley but this was a much needed night out for me and I had so much fun...and so did Riley and daddy!

Saturday Jason went and had some fun with his brother and dad and Riley and I hung out all day...Jason smoked another brisket but we didn't eat until 11 that night...he bought RockBand and we stayed up playing that. I have to admit that it is pretty fun and I really like it because it tells me that I'm awesome at singing...who would have thought? I have always coveted a beautiful voice and if I have to buy a video game to tell me that I have one then it is well worth the money!

I can play sitting up now...check out this girl's jealous!

I played so hard that I just sacked out while mom was chatting on the phone...I must have been boring her!

Sunday Jason had to work all day so Riley and I went to church and lunch with the gang and then we spent the afternoon at the pool with DiDi and Gabi and had yummy hamburgers at their house for dinner.

Giving hugs to Uncle sweet! She loves to smile for Christopher!

Riley loved swimming with her cool Sea Horse floatie!

Gabi and her friend Shelby had their own cute table for dinner!

Riley had was exhausted after an hour of playing in the pool...she was literally trying to lay her little head down on the float and go to sleep! So mom clued in and we got out of the pool...I wrapped her up and she took a nap on me while I laid in the lounge about a relaxing afternoon. Even after all of that playing we got back to the house and Riley jumped in the jumperoo for close to an hour and a half...the girl loves this thing.

She bounced while we had dinner and was up an hour past her normal bedtime but it was so much fun...we missed Jason and wish he could have been there too!

We finally pulled her out of the jumperoo and she started winding down for a good night's sleep!

Monday Riley went to her 6 month checkup and round of fun for mom! She weighed 17 lbs 13 oz and is 27 inches long...growing like a weed! She spent the afternoon with DiDi and went to bunko with mom...what a day!

We are getting ready for our vacation down to my parent's lakehouse next week for a good week and a half...yeah! It always seems like you run around like a chicken with your head cut off before any vacation...packing, wrapping things up at work, packing, and did I say packing? It's hard to imagine getting everything we need, including the dogs, in the Tahoe but I imagine we'll figure something out and make it work! This will be the first time we travel and the dogs get to be inside in the air conditioning. When we had Jason's truck, we would have them in the bed and we would have to stop every hour to pour gallons of water on them, in their cages, and in their water bowl because it was so stinkin' hot so they will get to travel in comfort this year!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6 Months Old...

I truly can not believe that 6 months have our life has been blessed by this little girl can not even be expressed in words. We gaze at her every day and talk about how blessed we are and how much we love her. She is so much fun to be around. I have to say that it is hard to see her getting older, yet every day is more and more fun because we can really interact with her and are getting to see glimpses of her personality. There is something special about newborns and being able to hold and cuddle them all the time, but if that existed forever it might get boring...that's why they have to grow up and it is a lot of fun to watch her learn and take in everything like a sponge!
Here are some things Riley is doing at 6 months old:
  • Sleeping on average 10 hours per night...she has started going to be earlier and earlier but she still wakes up around 6:30 no matter when she goes to bed...isn't that funny! When we keep her out partying like we did at Dana's wedding she slept until and dad loved that!
  • Grabbing everything and putting it in her mouth...the newest thing is grabbing menus at restaurants and wanting to chew on the corner...yuck!
  • Rolling over both ways easily...last night I realized that the days of leaving her to play are over because she rolled 3 times in a row and was very close to the TV stand before I knew it...she is still not super anxious to be completely mobile but getting closer each day...sometimes she 's content with playing on her back and not moving!
  • Sitting up much better...still needs some help and assistance for those quick plops on her side!
  • Realizing when we leave the room and fretting that we won't come back...if she is playing in her exersaucer and I walk out of sight she starts to cry and when I come back into sight she just gives me this huge grin...this starts a fun game of hide and seek which she giggles at!
  • Still putting her feet in her mouth ALL the time...I have to ask her to borrow them so I can secure her diaper when I am changing her...she doesn't mind!
  • Eating baby food 3 times a day now...or maybe not! She is transitioning to her new class at daycare and they started her on Stage 2 foods yesterday which is just a little thicker in consistency...but they also feed her more food and an extra feeding (breakfast and lunch). She had an upset stomach tonight on her 6 month birthday (Sorry Wiley for puking on you) and we think her little tummy might be having a hard time adjusting to the increase of food and the Stage 2 food so we might hold back a little longer before making that change...tonight will tell!
  • Riley is now in total control of her binky...she can put it in and take it out! She also uses it much less and we are happy about that. The other day Jason watched her pull it out of her mouth, start crying, and then put it back in her mouth...hilarious!
  • Moving ALL over her crib through the night...we have found her in the complete opposite direction that she went to sleep in and while we were in Houston we woke up one morning to find her on her belly..she hasn't done it since, but I'm sure the days of that being the norm are just around the corner.

We love you Riley!

Meet Chandler

Chandler Wood entered this world last Wednesday...7 lbs even and cute as can be!

We had the chance to meet him Sunday after we got home and I just held him for almost 45 was great! Riley enjoyed seeing him too...the first time she looked at him she smiled and shreaked with glee! Congrats Jeff and Jennifer!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today was Jason's first Father's Day! Riley wore a special outfit just for him and she also gave him a card and some spending money towards a new watch...what a sweet girl!

Jason is such a proud Dad and he would do ANYTHING for his little girl. A moment with her, whether it be changing a poopy diaper or napping together, is the most precious thing to witness between these two. He absolutely adores everything about her. This adoration is recipricated because Jason is able to get some of the best smiles out of Riley...she definitely know who her Daddy is!

I know from my own experience that there is always something special between a Dad and his daughter and I know that Jason and Riley will have that special bond. I love seeing Jason as a brings a whole new level to our relationship. I have always loved seeing men with little girls and seeing your own husband with his little girl is the best thing. Thanks Jason for being such a wonderful husband and Dad...we love you and thanks for always taking care of your girls!

Wedding Fun!

Well the last half of our trip to Texas was to attend Dana's wedding...we were adding up all the wedding we have been in collectively and have decided we are now somewhere between 15 and 20 weddings...WOW! With that being said, we have of late had somewhat of a sabbatical from weddings and I have to admit I forgot just how fun they are. Dana and I were roommates for over 2 years in college and we had lots of fun times together...being with her on her special day meant a lot to me and everything was beautiful...especially the bride!

We started off the wedding weekend with the bridesmaids luncheon which was high tea at the St. Regis hotel in Houston...totally Dana! I had done this one time before with her and it is a lot of fun. A butler comes and serves everyone tea, finger sandwiches, scones, and pasty desserts...yum! Riley and my mom went as well and we had a lot of fun!

Here is Riley with the other bridesmaids!

Hagan and Jessica were playing with Riley and she GRABBED Hagan's water glass and was trying to pull it to her mouth...I think she wanted the cool glass rubbing against her gums, but in the process she drank a little water and made the funniest face because it was pretty was hilarious! She was trying with all of her might to get that glass in her control!

Our bridesmaid gifts were these cute robes with our initials embroidered on them...we wore them all day before the wedding while we were all getting ready!

The great thing about this weekend was that it was a time for all of our families to be together as well. My parents were attending the wedding as well as Jason's family so we all had a good time together. Saturday I spent the day with the girls getting all primped and Jason spent the day with Riley and our families. I missed Riley all day, but Jason brought her back shortly before the wedding to say hi and that was just what Dana needed to calm her nerves...a smile from Riley!

Me and the bride

Me and my studly husband!

JoePa and Riley dancing!

The reception was a lot of fun and Riley was a trooper...she was awake most of the evening dancing is some video!

About 8:30 Jason was dancing with her and she laid her head on his shoulder and fell immediately asleep...she catnapped for about an hour and woke up with her second wind...she danced some more...needless to say she slept great last night!

We had a great time and can't wait for our next wedding...which is only a few weeks away! Also, let me just put a plug in for Southwest Airlines...Jason flew in Friday afternoon and his garment bag was completely in shreds when he went to pick up his luggage...not only did they replace his garment bag with a much nicer one than we originally had they also gave us a $500 travel voucher due to some minor damage to his suit jacket...when most airlines are charging you extra dough to even check your bags this airline is giving away money and fixing their error when they don't treat your luggage kindly...ok I'm done now! Now we get to go on a fun weekend trip...we're thinking San Diego!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Riley's first trip to the lake...

Well we arrived in Austin yesterday without a hitch...Riley did great on the plane...she ate breakfast and played on the first flight and slept the entire second flight! While I attended a conference Riley went with Grammie to shop and have lunch...they had a great time together. Once my conference was over we headed to the lake and Riley took her first swim and SHE LOVED IT! It was hot outside, but the water was a little chilly at first and then it felt good once you got used to it. She was very stiff when I first put her in and then she just laughed and kicked her little feet the whole time...she loved riding the waves and she was so cute! I'm glad she enjoyed it because we will be back in a few weeks for a long stay so that should be lots of fun!

JoePa hung a swing from one of the trees in the backyard and Riley also got to swing for the first time...she liked that too! She was just totally chillin in the swing and watching Sadie's every move...Sadie is my parent's yellow lab!

Today we went to have lunch with a family friend and went to a cute store called Smarty Pants that had super cute baby clothes...and guess who got a new outfit? Hmmmm.....

Riley also got to spend some time in a family heirloom...this highchair was used by my grandfather, my mom, and myself and now Riley gets to eat in it. We were doing the math today and figured out it is 88 years old. She sat up really well in it and loved banging on the metal tray...she's not quite as secured as she is in her highchair at home so feeding her was a little like hitting a moving target, but she had fun and that's all that matters!

Riley sure does miss her daddy and guess what? We get to see him tomorrow...we leave bright and early in the morning to head to Houston for pre-wedding events and Jason comes in tomorrow afternoon to join us for the weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life in the fast lane...

We have been busy lately and it doesn't stop now...last weekend had our usual dinner with the Burns at Outback (minus Jason because he had a dining-in on base)...the waitress assumed Kaleb and Riley were twins...she must have been drinking on the job!

Saturday Riley and I went to Leigh's shower...yeah for another girl to join the group! She received many wonderful gifts and the shower was beautiful. Riley was in such a good mood and there were a few young girls at the shower who just wanted to touch and play with her and she ate it up!

After the shower, Kaleb and Riley were playing and Kaleb sneakingly stole Riley's pacifier...all of a sudden we look over and he has a blue pacifier and a pink pacifier and he is switching them in and out of his's Riley trying to snatch one was hilarious!

While we were having girl time at the shower Jason was smoking his second brisket of all time so we invited friends and family over to try it out...the brisket turned out great! He smoked it for 10 hours and he also smoked some ribs as well. We had TONS of food and stayed up late laughing and talking. We figured this was our camping trip for the summer since camping like we did last year probably will not happen due to babies here and babies on the way! Riley and Kaleb played in Riley's new frog pool...Hank and Kadie even tested it out...they almost lapped up all the water!

Sunday we went to church, ate lunch with the group, and spent the evening at eating yet again this time at the Taylor's house! Riley even mastered rolling over from her back to her belly while we were was awesome! Now she does it all the time. I am waiting for the day when I walk into her room in the morning and we find her on her belly. She's such a big girl!

It felt like the weekend was one big eatathon, but it was so much fun and we spent great time with those we love and that's all that matters!

Now we are on to our next adventure...a trip to Texas...woohoo! Riley and I leave at 6:30 tomorrow morning to fly to Austin and Jason will meet us in Houston Friday afternoon for a weekend of wedding college roommate Dana is getting married and I am a bridesmaid so it should be lots of fun. Before all the wedding excitement begins Riley and I are going to spend some time with Grammie and JoePa and Riley will experience her first trip to the lake outside the womb...can't wait!

Riley loves her jumperoo as you can see from this picture and the previous video...she almost looks like a ballerina in this picture!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Riley's got moves...

We had a busy busy weekend and we had lots of fun...I will update on all of our goings and doings later...I just had to share this video that Jason took today! Riley is starting to get the hang of her jumper so here's some video footage showing off her dancing/jumping moves!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's been going on...

What have we been up to? Last Friday we celebrated with Mitchell at his going away since he received an assignment to Greece...lucky dog! This was Riley's first debut with this group and she had a BLAST! She wore a lay, met lots of new people, stayed up an hour past her bedtime and didn't fuss once...she is such a trooper. We had lots of fun seeing friends and getting to introduce them to our little are some pics!

Daddy and Riley...she was festive with her lay on...she really liked the red flower!

Riley with Kiel...check out her little bald spot...actually not so little...poor thing!

Here is Riley with Christina and JD...having fun!

Saturday morning I had my massage and pedicure that I received for Mother's Day...I really enjoyed them but shortly after things went downhill as I got my first migraine ever...not fun! All I have to say is Exedrine Migraine was my friend and by Monday I was back to myself...I hope it was not only the first but the last! So for the rest of the weekend we just laid around and Jason took care of both me and Riley...hard work!

Tonight we played with Riley on the floor and she has totally mastered rolling from belly to back and she was SOOOOOOOO close at getting from back to belly...she just can't figure out what to do with one of her arms and it keeps her from the final step of actually getting over...she was trying so hard though and she almost has it!

Riley was pooped after all of this rolling over...she was also pooped from spending the day with Didi, Aunt Gaby, and Uncle CJ...they got Riley a new jumperoo and apparently she jumped for over an hour and a half...she is always exhausted from spending the day with these guys because they just play and have fun all day long...she loves it and they do too!