Thursday, November 8, 2012

Becky Comes to Visit!!!

While my mom was visiting back in September I got a text from my BFF from college Becky saying that for her birthday she wanted to come visit me!!!  It totally made my day!  Becky was a senior when I was a freshman and she was my Bible study leader in Aggie Sisters for Christ...she was and still is a great influence and mentor for me.  Her husband, Matt, is also in the Air Force and he was in the same outfit as Jason (Gator 2) at A&M.  They have moved quite a bit during their time in the Air Force...I went to visit her in California and Florida. She came to visit me in Texas and Arkansas.  The last time we saw each other was in 2009 shortly before we moved out to Cali.  We were able to spend a few days with her family on our way back from SOS in Alabama when they were stationed in Florida again.  So....that means it had been almost 4 years and that's just way tooooo long!  But she had a baby and then I had a baby and you know life gets busy.  But...she managed to get away kid free for a few days and come to Cali and we had a GREAT time!

She flew into San Fran and the girls and I went to pick her up.  She requested lunch and coffee immediately...and in that order.  So we headed to the Embarcadero for lunch and ate at's good and parking is easy so it was a win win!  Rain was rolling in so our front row parking spot came in handy!

We had yummy sourdough bread bowls with clam chowder...a must!

Tessa loved the bread...she's a carb queen for sure!
While we were eating the rain started to roll in and there was a great rainbow right over Alcatraz!
Riley had fun checking out all of the sourdough animals after lunch!

We headed home after lunch and we got to chit chatting and I totally forgot about getting Becky some coffee...I'm a horrible host!  About 20 minutes from our house we found a Starbucks!  Riley was such a hoot all afternoon...that girl loves an audience and especially loves a new face!  She was in rare form and making us crack up the whole way home!  She was smitten with Becky!

That night I made some PW Chili and it was so yummy!  After dinner Becky and I headed out to a little girls night at Ashley's house!  Poor Becky was a trooper because with the time change she was exhausted and up way past her bedtime!

Friday morning Riley went to school and Becky and I went to a spin class!  I joined a gym by our house back in July that is awesome!  They have great classes and great childcare...need I say more?  I tend to stick within my comfort zone but have been trying out new classes...I've done Zumba and loved it and finally tried spin.  Becky had never done it either and had been wanting to try it so off we went.  Everyone the night before had made it sound awful and quite frankly they weren't very encouraging..haha!  But we both loved it and now I'm it's crazy how many calories you can burn in one class!

After spin we came home to let Tessa nap and boy did that girl nap...we had planned on running a few errands but I had to wake that girl up so we could at least run one!  After we picked the kids up from school we just chilled at the house.  Riley wanted all of Becky's attention!  I think they played a little kinect and since Jason had a guys night out planned we stayed in, made some PW pasta, and watched a movie!  

Saturday was Riley's last soccer so we went to watch her and then Becky and I went to Davis.  We had Thai food at my favorite place, Sophia's, had some afternoon coffee, and then went to a cupcake shop!

We looked around at a few stores but at this time the A&M and Alabama game was going on and we saw we were winning and decided we better get home to watch the game!  Then LOTS of screaming ensued as the Aggies went on to beat was awesome!  Tessa would cry everytime I screamed...that girl better get used to Johnny Football! :)

Becky always makes herself a cake on her birthday and since it was her birthday weekend I decided to make her a strawberry cake with strawberry icing.  I goofed on the icing a bit but it only lacked in appearance..not in taste!  It was so yummy!

We made a big "to do" and Riley had fun singing to Becky and having her wear the birthday hat that Becky made for Riley for her first birthday!

She's 29...again! :)
 Blowing out those candles!
 Who knows what Riley was up to!
 Love my sweet girl!
 Becky and her friendship!
 Sunday we went to church and then went to get Becky some Inn N Out...she couldn't come to Cali without getting her fix!  Tessa got to eat her first french fry...I think she was in love!

 After lunch we went home and got all packed for a night in the city!  Becky packed for her entire stay in a backpack...impressive!  I was proud of myself for packing in a backpack for ONE night!  

 I am a city girl and love the city!  I have always wanted to ride the BART since we lived here...the bay area mass transit system!  It's nothing glamorous but I've just always wanted to do it!  So we drove to the closest station about 30 minutes away and off we went!

 We got off at the Powell St station which dumps you right into a Forever 21 store..perfecto!  We decided to go ahead an check into our hotel so we walked to the Marine Memorial and got settled!  Then we hit the streets for some shopping...not without grabbing our afternoon coffee first!  We went to Forever 21, H&M, Ross, and then we landed in front of another Forever 21...newer and even nicer!  We had to shop again!  We got some major steals since it was Veteran's Day weekend!

I even spotted this at Forever know we are big time when they have Aggie apparel in San Fran! :)

 Love the city!
 Becky in front of Union Square!
 We decided to eat at Cheesecake Factory...the wait was pretty long but we figured we didn't have anything else to do and we didn't have kids...why not wait?  It actually went by much quicker than what they quoted us on time and we scored this PERFECT table overlooking the city..couldn't have asked for a better seat in the house!  We ate way too much food and topped it off with cheesecake!
Becky had to get up at 4:30 to catch her shuttle to the airport and it was late when we got done with dinner so we headed back to the hotel and got some sleep!  I slept a bit after Becky left and then headed back on the BART back home!  

We had a great time and thanks so much for coming to visit Becky!  I'm excited that we'll be within driving distance once we move to Illinois!


Susan said...

Yay! Good times, good friends!

Becky said...

I had a fantastic time!! I came home and crashed at 8 pm and slept for 12 full hours. Maybe I'm not 29 after all...: )

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