Saturday, March 27, 2010

A whilrwind week...

This last week was great...but lots of traveling was involved.
Last time I posted we were still at home and since then we have been to Texas and back...whew!
I had to go back to Goodfellow AFB for the Grand Opening of our Virtual Eyewear Store but in the midst of that Riley and I got to see Grammie and JoePa too!
We flew into Austin Monday, went and saw all my work peeps at the office, and then headed to the lake to see Grammie and JoePa, enjoy a home cooked meal, and relax for the night.
Tuesday morning I got up early and headed to San Angelo to get everything in order, make a switcheroo of employees (fun!), and work ALL day!
Thankfully all of Susie and I's hard work over the past few months totally paid off and the Grand Opening went great with lots of support from the base commanders as well as AAFES. Susie and Dr. C flew in the morning, missed their connection in Dallas, and almost left me hanging but thankful it all worked out and they arrived just in time.
I MC'ed the whole event which was totally nerve wracking but it went well and I was so relieved when it was all over!
Here's a few pics...

The final "look" of the store!
Col Peterson and Dr. Cooper cutting the ribbon!
Once the Grand Opening was over Dr. C took us to eat at a great country steakhouse where the plates of food were ginormous! Susie and I both ordered chicken strips and each of our plates had 12 was crazy!
We had a few more things to take care of that afternoon and then Susie and I went for pedicures and dinner...the perfect end to the day!
I stayed half the day Thursday wrapping things up and then headed back to my parents to see this little girl!
While I was away working she was having a BLAST with Grammie and JoePa.
She rode her bike, went on the boat, played with her friend Ariel and fed the cows, helped Grammie plant flowers, and she LOVED LOVED playing with Sadie!

She also scoped out my parent's wine selection...
Helped JoePa feed Sadie...
Sat on the porch in "her" chair with "her" Sadie!
and even did some heavy lifting!
Every now and then she would strike a few keys!
She even had a few talks with JoePa...especially after she showed him how she likes to put her babies "in her belly"...he wasn't quite ready for that!
Lovin' on JoePa!
As soon as I pulled up Thursday I just jumped out of the car and ran to find Riley because I had missed that little stinker so much!
My dad had a pitcher of margaritas waiting for me...he knows me so well and he makes some of the best! Thanks Dad!
Me and mom!
My dad is doing a major renovation on their neighbor's house and Riley had fun checking in on the job every now and then...she would just start talking to them and bossing them around...a mini JoePa in the making!
She loved this pile of sand and kept picking it up and trying to throw it at all of us!
On my home from San Angelo I happened to come right through Llano, home of the BEST BBQ at Cooper's, so I stopped and picked up some yummy grub for all of us!
I had cut Riley off some corn on her plate but she wanted to eat the corn like the rest of us...she climbed up in her own chair and stole Grammie's corn and went to town!
Friday I headed to our Austin office to work their for a few hours and then my mom and Riley met me for lunch and we headed to the airport. This traveling is wearing me out but we're excited about our next trip in just another week!
Saturday we got up and ran a bunch of errands to get all the necessary items to plant all our flowers. Riley was anything but a sweetheart running all these errands but we both survived and she fell asleep on the way home and slept for four hours so I supposed she was just tired and cranky!
Thankfully she woke up on the right side of her bed and was in a much better mood so we headed outside to play and plant!

Kadie and Hank sure missed her and gave her lots of kisses!
She played with her new water table...I forgot again to get the sand!
We planted geraniums in all the pots and they are so pretty!
Riley was a big help bringing over potting soil to each plant!

When we were all done I got the hose out to clean off the patio. Riley kept wanting me to spray her so I did! She loved it but I didn't want her to get too wet since she's been battling a runny nose and cough all week but she was in heaven!
Somehow she ended up with the hose and said "I get Mommy"
Thankfully for me she's not quite strong enough to be able to push the handle to turn the water on so I evaded a soaking!
After we cleaned everything up we took the doggies on a walk and headed home to shower and eat dinner!
One of my favorite things to eat for dinner is breakfast, but unfortunately Jason doesn't like that so I have been waiting to cook breakfast for dinner and that's just what we did!
Pancakes, eggs, and bacon...and this little squirt ate it all up and came asking for bites off my plate!
We've gotten to talk to Jason quite a bit this week and Riley even got to talk to him too...that was the best!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girls Night

Last night was girls night at our house...and it was wild!
Wild in the mind of two toddlers that is!
Maddie's mom and dad finally let her stay the night over here and Riley couldn't wait!
I was brave and met a few of my friends at BJ's for with these two girls!

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about taking them out by myself but I knew I had a lot of hands to help if I needed and I figured why not!
Needless to say the girls did GREAT considering how long we waited both for the table and the food. Riley kept wanting to get out of her high chair but Maddie was content as could be! The girls scarfed down some yummy pizza, did some coloring, and finally I pulled out my last resort...Happy Feet on my iPhone! That totally saved me and gave me time to eat my dinner!
Shortly after I was done the girls had hit their breaking point and it was time for us to go!
When we got home they both got in their PJ's and played a bit.
Right before it was time for bed they both watched Jason read a few stories...Riley is now obsessed with watching her Daddy on couldn't be any cuter!
Jason has been super busy getting acclimated and working so he hasn't had time to make a new DVD yet so we are watching the two he made from his last deployment. It's funny because he's doing things in the video that were new tricks for Riley a year and a half ago like making indian noises and such. She looks at him like he's silly and then talks to him like he's right there!
Riley and Maddie are best buds and I'm so sad that Maddie is moving...Riley has no idea but I know she will constantly be asking for Mena, John, and Maddie!
There were lots of hugs...
and even some dancing before bedtime!
Both girls went right to sleep and so did I...I was pooped! I was also unsure of how the night would go so I figured I better get to bed...I was pleasantly surprised that they both slept GREAT! Riley woke up once which she's been doing all week but Maddie didn't make a peep!
They both slept until almost nine and I was loving life!
Once they woke up they did a little more dancing...
and I made them cheesy eggs and strawberries for breakfast!
A successful sleepover at our house and Riley was super bummed when Maddie left today!
Not sure if I've mentioned this but Riley is OBSESSED with babies...real ones and fake ones! Due to the fact that I have lots of pregnant friends Riley is under the impression that she has a baby in her belly and that almost everyone else also has a baby in their belly...makes for some really funny situations!
Today she took it to a new extreme...check out what she did!
and now she's a proud mama showing off her new baby!
She left me speechless!
After Riley's nap she and I did some retail therapy...she got lots of new shoes and clothes and I got a few things too!
This evening I got my own girl's night...I had a fun dinner at Chipotle while John and Paul watched the kiddos!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Staying busy...

When Jason's not here me and Riley do what we do best...stay busy!
Monday night I had Bible study at my house and that was a good distraction since Jason had left that morning. We started Beth Moore's Esther study and I am super excited about it!
I am so blessed by these girls...there are 7 of us with deployed hubbies all at the same time so I can foresee lots of girl time over the next few months!
Tuesday Riley and I got to meet my friend Nicki's new baby Will...a miracle baby for sure! He's as handsome as can be and a great baby. After meeting Will, we met up with John, Amanda, and Maddie for our usual Chipotle and Cold Stone date! The girls held hands and ran around when we weren't eating...they had a ball! The Habbestad's move to Texas in a few weeks and with all of the craziness of our schedules this is our last week to hang out together...too many goodbyes for one week that's for sure.
Wednesday we took Riley and Maddie to paint...Riley made some gifts and something special to send to her Daddy!

After painting we took the girls to the park and then had dinner together!
The weather here is absolutely just doesn't get any better so today we took full advantage!
The girls came over here this morning for our Thursday morning made it easy on me to take a quick break from work and get outside with everyone.
We were a sight that's for sure...a walking Bob stroller advertisement...5 strollers...7 kids!
This afternoon Riley and I spent a lot of time outside. We put together one of her Christmas presents...her water / sand play table!

Obviously Hank thought it was his new water bowl!

Riley was completely soaked as she kept moving water from the dog's bowl to her play table...she had a blast!
Just love this girl!
This spring / summer should be lots of fun and I'm glad Riley's bigger and can now play well with the dogs. She is in love with Hank and just wants him to run around in the grass with her. She is getting down the commands as she yells at him any chance she can get...I remember when Gaby was little and she did the same exact thing to Hank. He knows how to take orders from a toddler!
Here's a video from when my parents were in cute of Riley and Hank running around together!

Here's to staying busy and spending lots of time outside!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The travels continued...

Once we got back from Monterey it was time for me to head to Texas for work...San Angelo, TX to be exact!
Part of my job with Armed Force Eyewear has been to launch our first Virtual Eyewear Store...basically our technology in a kiosk form that allows customers to upload their photo, try on eyewear, and purchase all at once. You can read more about it here but the launch of this was the product of LOTS of work over the last few months and I was anxious to see it all come together!
My trip went well...we worked a lot...and barely even left Goodfellow AFB!
Here's Susie and I in front of the store...

and the final product!

I was glad everything went well but was anxious to get home.
You see...lots of fun was being had while I was gone because DiDi had come to hang out with Riley and Jason! I got lots of picture updates througout the week so I know that there were lots of babies played with, play dough creations made, and Riley even learned how to play hopscotch with her sidewalk chalk!
Sadly DiDi and I never even saw each other because she literally came and went while I was gone but Riley LOVED having her here and I know they had lots of fun!
Not to go on a tangent but my flight home was SO frustrating. It turns out that nowadays, unless you fly Southwest, you can purchase and ticket and have a reservation but not have a seat. Awesome!
When I checked in at the San Angelo airport I was told I did not have a seat on my flight from DFW to ticket had cost over $600 but no seat for do they get away with this?
Anyway, once I got to DFW and confirmed that I did not have a seat, that I was not willing to wait on a later flight for a $200 voucher because why would I want to ever fly that airline again, and basically stare down the gate attendant until she found enough people to volunteer for the next flight...I got a seat!
Just as my seat was confirmed we found out the plane was having issues and we would have to get on a different I don't mind maintenance issues because I definitely don't want to be on a broken plane. We changed terminals and got a new aircraft and I was finally on my way.
Thankfully all of my future travels are on Southwest so I shouldn't have to deal with this again anytime soon!
I got home and was so glad to be with Jason and Riley...but realizing that our time as a family would quickly come to an end.
We had a good rest of the weekend together and got Jason all ready to go.
He left early Monday morning on a commercial flight so we had to say our goodbyes in the Sacramento fun.
If my experience flying on Saturday wasn't enough the same thing happened to Jason on Monday...different airline...same story. He didn't have a seat on his second flight...and it was a government contract ticket. He ended up getting on his flight after they literally had to pull someone off the plane...they had no choice since he was on orders. I just don't get it.
Jason has since made it safely to his destination and is busy getting settled and in a routine which will involve LOTS of working. He has internet in his room this time which is so nice so hopefully we will be able to chat and skype even more than last time.
We miss him so much...luckily Riley doesn't quite know what is going on...she just thinks he's on an airplane but she is always asking and looking for him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

To the beach...

From the snow covered mountains to the beach we went!
We drove to Monterey Saturday morning and Riley was ecstatic to see the beach and run after the waves! The weather was fantastic and we just fell in love with this place!

She could have played all day long!
After we checked out the beach we headed to Fisherman's Wharf to find some tasty food!

This is Riley's favorite way to ride...on her Daddy's shoulders!

Family pic in front of all the boats!

Our first stop on the pier was to get Riley's face painted...she had a hard time making a decision on what she wanted but ultimately she decided on flowers!

She even got some on her hands too!
Precious girl...

All flowered up and ready to run!
The birds...oh the birds...they had to fly fast to get away from Riley!
After tasting numerous clam chowders as each restaurant vied for our business we ultimately decided on Old Fisherman's Grotto and we weren't disappointed!
Riley had clam chowder and french fries...and her and her daddy had fun being silly!
After dinner we strolled around and Jason bought Riley all kinds of goodies...including this alligator that she so lovingly used to snap away at his face on the walk back to the car!

Check out this band we saw on our walk back!
After dinner we decided to do a little driving along the oh my how beautiful it was!
Apparently this is Riley's new smile on demand..the funniest face ever!
Jason and Riley fed the birds some Nutri Grain Bars!
At one point we were just watching the waves crash and one came up closer and faster than we anticipated and Riley got all wet with the super cold Pacific coast water...she loved every minute of it!
Pretty sunset!
The beach just did her in...what a sweetie!
Don't be fooled...she awoke promptly upon arriving at our hotel and since we planned on having her sleep with us that night she was wide eyed and bushy tailed until 11 that night...once she sacked out she was a great cuddle bug!
Sunday morning we sort of slept in, grabbed some yummy coffee, and headed out to take the 17 Mile drive around Pebble Beach!
The water was crystal blue...
The scenery was amazing...
I suppose I could live here!
After our drive we went to Carmel to check out a fabulous breakfast at Katy's Place...we had friends that recommended this place...famous for their variety of Eggs Benedict and it was delish!
We ordered Riley a cinnamon roll and it's safe to say it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!
After breakfast we headed to the Monterey Aquarium and had so much fun!
They have great exhibits and lots of fun activities for's a wave tunnel!
A trampoline of water...jumping and bouncing makes any 2 year old smile ear to ear!
Riding seahorses...
and of course talking to Mumble were among Riley's favorite things to do!
This girl loves penguins and we had to literally drag her away from them...she was in Happy Feet heaven!
She made some drawings as well!

One last listen to the crashing waves!
We had a great visit to Monterey and Carmel...we hope to get back their soon!