Friday, November 23, 2012

Let the holiday fun begin!

 Once Thanksgiving had passed we decided it was time to get in the Christmas spirit!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we did not go shopping...we headed to Six Flags!

Christmas carols blared through the park and we had a great family fun day!

I took Riley to the kids area for a bit and Jason went to ride the Batman ride.  Jason wanted to see what rides Riley might be tall enough to ride and we headed to an entire area of the park I've never been to!

Her and Jason rode this "big" roller coaster and she just loved it!
Funny faces!
They ended up getting in the very front of the coaster!

 While they waited in line Miss T conked out and slept through quite a bit of fun!

Next up was these HUGE swings!

 Riley was so brave and did great riding these big rides!  I was so excited for her but a little sad at the same time realizing how much she's grown up!
After the big rides we headed to the entrance for the lighting of the Christmas tree!

Tessa woke up and LOVED seeing all the people and waving to all of them!

Loves her Daddy!

 Pure JOY!
 Getting tickles from Daddy!
 Love my baby girl!

 Merry Christmas...the tree was so pretty!


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Hi Lauren!

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