Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Rockin' Playdate...

 We are pretty sad that we are losing some great friends :(  That happens too often in the military world and we learn to say "see you later" rather than "goodbye"

This family, however, is going back to Australia and that's simply a long way away.  Tahlia and her family have been in the US for three years on an exchange program and it's time for them to go back down under.   We had to get in a fun playdate before they headed back home.

Tahlia came home with us after tennis and had lunch before Makenna arrived...I was going to run these guys through a fun place to grab lunch but they wanted peanut butter sandwiches so I just took them home and fixed them lunch!

Once Makenna got here these three girls were off to princess land and had a blast with their imaginative world!  We just helped with the many many wardrobe changes!

Tessa and Lochlan had fun  know those Aussie boys are quite handsome!
Love this girl's smile and happiness!
 Who knew playing under the table could be such a blast!

 Makenna's big sister couldn't get enough of Tessa and I don't think Tessa had a problem with that!
 It was a fun afternoon and a great way for these three amigas to get together and have some fun!