Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Months Old

 3 Months Old!

 Ooops..she took a tumble!
 But then I got this cute this girl!
 Tessa June is 3 months old...another month goes by and she just gets more and more fun!  She's the perfect addition to our family and we just can't even imagine life without her!  

She's weighing in at 10 lbs 6 oz, wearing 0-3 month clothes, and is still in a size 1 diaper!  She's sleeping in 7-9 hour stretches at night but still goes to bed late (anywhere from 9-11pm) so I'm working on getting her bedtime earlier but we'll see how that goes!  I can't complain that's for sure!

She's eating well and still eating about 6 times per day.

She shocked us at 12 weeks and rolled over from her back to her belly!  I was totally not expecting that but one night I had her on the floor of the living room changing her diaper and as I was getting the clean diaper ready she was really working to roll over and all of a sudden she did it!  I rolled her back over and she immediately rolled over again.  That must have worn her out because after that she worked and worked to roll over but didn't make it over again for a couple of days!

She loves her playmat and is really enjoying playing with her toys now...hitting them with her hands and her feet.  She likes to be propped up on her boppy pillow rather than on her back.  

We work on tummy time a lot too!

She has started blowing bubbles and drooling quite a bit!  Now I know why they make bibs to match every outfit!

This girl is a talker..just like her sissy!  She squeals at an octave that is quite ear piercing and it feels like she's truly telling you a story.  She will also mimic someone if they stick their tongue out!

Tessa is such a HAPPY baby...I'm not exaggerating when I say that she literally smiles all day long.  You just look at her and she gives you a huge smile!  She has such a laid back personality and we just love her to pieces!

Tessa loves bathtime!  She just lounges and let me wash her all up and gives huge's like she's having a day at the spa!  Now when it's time to get her out and wrap her up she still screams sometimes because she doesn't like being cold!

 She still takes 4 naps most days and naps in different places.  Usually her first nap is in the swing and then she'll nap swaddles in her bassinet and them in her carrier when we're on the go.  She's not on a real routine daytime schedule and she is good at just going with the flow!

She has started spitting up more than she ever did.  I don't think I used a burp cloth with her until about 8 weeks in. She never spit up and it's progressively gotten worse but still not as bad as I've heard of other babies.  She smiles right through spitting's so funny...although since I was not used to using burp cloths with her from the beginning I have learned my lesson a time or two and gotten covered in spit up.  Now I keep burp cloths all over the house so I don't get caught!

 She scratched herself pretty good one day this month and actually drew blood on her little cheek...she had fallen asleep in my lap while we were skyping with my parents so I just laid her in her bed and she woke up screaming with a horrible scratch on her face. Poor girl.  So I have been giving her manicures and she just sits there and lets me cut and file her nails...such a girl.

 She loves when her sissy plays with her and gives her some great smiles.  Tessa is such a good she is in the bumbo with a veil on!
Riley just now has shown a little jealousy towards attention that Tessa gets but she never takes it on out Tessa.  When we are gawking over something Tessa is doing Riley will sulk, cross her arms, and say "you aren't saying that to me"...then we give her some silly attention and explain to her that she gets attention in different ways.  Sometimes she actually gives this sly grin like she already knew that and was just checking to see how we would react.  

We are so full of love for both of these girls!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Picnic Time!

 I thrive on routine and I'm not the most spontaneous person...but thankfully I'm married to a man who loves spontaneity!!!

When he called mid morning and asked us to meet him at the duck pond for a picnic I jumped on the idea!  I made Riley take a super early nap because she had had a few days with no nap and it tends to catch up with her and while she slept I made all our goodies for lunch and packed it up so we were ready to go as soon as she woke up!

She was SOOO excited!

Here they are spotting a plane!

 Play time!

 Jason listening to Riley!
 Me and my girl!
 I had to drag her off the playground to eat!
 This little thing slept most of the time!
 Daddy's girl!
 When I told her we were going to the duck pond she wanted to bring her fishing pole and her Daddy couldn't have been prouder! 
What a fun day!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girls just want to have fun!

 Tessa has really started playing with her toys...batting at them, grabbing them, and just being totally intrigued with her playmat!

 Intently checking out a toy!
 While Tessa was playing we had a surprise appearance from Lavagirl!!!
 This girl just cracks us up...she takes on whatever character she is playing so seriously!
 Lavagirl had some major love to show to was so sweet!
 Love these girls!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bay Area Discovery Museum

 We have so many great museums relatively close to us and the Cramer's asked us to spend Sunday with them at the Bay Area Discovery Museum and we couldn't wait to go.  I had heard great things but we hadn't checked it out yet!  It's free for military so another plus!

We couldn't have picked a better day because the weather was just gorgeous!  

The museum is right by the Golden Gate Bridge and it has just great views!

We met Todd, Hannah, and Ollie down there and before we found them Riley spotted some hoola hoops or "hoola loops" as she calls them and she put on a show with her amazing skills...this girl can go all day long!

 We found Ollie at this great indoor playplace and then we went outside to an area with water where the kids can get wet!
 There were so many buildings and different exhibits we could have spent days checking it all out!  We didn't have the time for that so we will have to make several more trips back to check out more things!

They had a great outdoor play area with ships, a mini Golden Gate bridge, and all kinds of structures.  Jason and Riley played pirates for quite some time!
 The view of the bridge was just great!
 Tessa had fun too and even got to ride on Daddy's shoulders!
 We took some pics in front of the bridge before we left!
 Flying baby!
 After all that fun we found a great french restaurant in Sausalito and headed there for some grub!  So many sail boats out on the bay taking advantage of the great weather!
 There was a little bit of a wait at the restaurant but luckily there was a beach just a few steps away so that kept the kiddos entertained!
 Fingers in the sand!
 Riley buried herself!
She was a bit messy when it came time to eat but she had so much fun it was so worth it.  A trip to the bathroom to clean her up did the trick and then we enjoyed a fabulous lunch and all the kids were GREAT!

It was such a fun day...can't wait to do it again!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dinner Night Out

 Riley's school has several dinner night out fundraisers through the year at various restaurants to raise money for the school and so far we have been to all of them.  It's so fun to see her and her friends outside of the school setting...they are so cute and most of the time so thrilled to be with each other.  They just can't contain the excitement!

This one was at Fresh Choice which is a salad bar type of restaurant.

Riley and her two gal pals Alexis and Maddy...and Maddy's cousin!

 Riley and Maddy..her BFF!  These two are so cute together but as girls are they compete with each other so intensely.  It is always a race to see who gets to school first to get to wear the Ariel dress up costume. 

They are two strong personalities and even in the midst of their competitive natures they are very good friends to each other and they had so much fun this evening!

There were so many squeals and laughing sessions I think the whole restaurant was wondering what was going on!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bumbo Time

Tessa loves to be upright and is so strong for being such a little bean!  I thought it was time to put her in the bumbo and see how she did and she loved it!
I have to put a blanket in there with her since she's so tiny but she loves to sit on the counter while I'm cooking or doing dishes and keep me company!

Sometimes it just wears her out too and I look over to find her like this!