Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas...

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas around here...lots of shopping, wrapping, baking, and eating of course!
My parents also pulled out some very fun things that my grandfather made for me...a cradle and highchair for Riley's babies...
and this rocking horse that she LOVES to play on!

We have also been playing parents bought it and Jason hooked it all up and we are having fun!

Riley is so stinkin' smart...she wanted to play too so she used the nunchuck but soon realized that it wasn't actually the real deal!
We also had a visit from Megan and Dave and it was so much fun!
Riley loved having more people to play with her and Megan is always looking for a good time!

Here's my mom with us girls!
I checked out of work for a bit and we all went to enjoy the most glorious BBQ on the face of this words can express the taste!
After lunch Megan worked her magic and took some really great pics!
Here's Dave and Jason on the's a rough life after all!

I love this one of Riley...naked baby in one hand and fishing pole in the this girl!

While I finished up some work everyone else went on a boat ride and Megan came back exclaiming it was like seeing a kid have the best day of their life and these pictures prove it!
Love this smile!

This picture is just too cool...skydiving on the boat!

After Riley took a nap (along with Megan and Dave)...she did what she does best...steal cute purses!

Thanks for spending the day with us Megan and was so fun hanging out with you two!
After the Witte's left we all relaxed on the dock realizing it was going to be our last night of mild weather...I got to snuggle with Riley while she watched Caillou on my iPhone!

Just to be ready for all of the LoRusso clan's arrival Riley got a bath and strutted her stuff down the how the garland is perfectly placed in this pic!
So I suppose we are ready for it is just time for everyone to arrive!


Didi said...

Love the pic of Riley with her naked baby and fishing pole. How cute! The pic of Jason and Dave looks like the Corona commercial.