Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One PROUD Daddy

I think this past Monday was one of Jason's proudest days as a Daddy!
Riley had received a very nice gift card from Uncle Jim so Jason and my dad decided to get her all set up with a Tinkerbell fishing pole at Bass Pro Shop and they showed it to her Monday morning.
She loved it from the minute she saw it and just kept saying "Daddy...feeeeshing....Daddy...feeeshing"
She ran straight to the back door and wanted to go fishing right away but I convinced her to at least get dressed first while Jason went to get minnows and worms!
Once she was dressed it was time for her first experience fishing and she loved it and actually got the hang of it!
She reeled in and cast her cute fishing pole and even begged the feeeshies to "Eat eat eat their food"...those are the words from one of her songs from school that reinforces her use of sign was so cute!
She was just in awe of her Daddy and loved sharing this with him...but I know his heart was about as full as it could get considering she was having so much fun fishing with him!

She even helped with the minnows although she wasn't ready to touch one yet!

And if fishing got a tad boring she would just blow some bubbles for a break and then go back to fishing!
She would have fished all day but we convinced her to take a nap and when she woke up she was still talking about fishing.
She took an afternoon boat ride with Daddy and JoePa...
and she captained the boat this time...hold on guys!

Later that evening it was time for night fishing!
First we have to put out some fish food...

and then we try and catch them! My parents have this cool underwater light that comes on every evening and helps for fishing...she was enamored with that!
Riley hasn't caught her first fish yet but we don't think it will be long and surely that will only make her love for fishing even greater with that thrill!
After a full day of fishing this little girl was just plain worn out!

Here's to many more years of fishing with her Daddy!


Ashley W. said...

Riley - you are the cutest fisherwoman I've ever seen - you tell those fish what to do, too!!! Miss you guys - have a great Christmas!

Heather said...

Loved this post. So glad you guys are having such a great time in TX with family. Riley is so sweet :) Merry Christmas.

Jamie said...

what a sweet post! A baby fishing with her Daddy...I know that has got to be so neat! One day, Langston will be "in the same boat". Pun intended...haha!

Didi said...

Sweet time with dad--priceless!