Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy Girls...

Well in case you're wondering how Riley and I pass the time while Jason is gone...we stay BUSY!
These past two weeks have gone by fast and we have been keeping a fast pace with our activities and a lot of that has to do with it being the Holidays and trying to get ready for a nearly 3 week trip away from home. I tend to stay up really late when Jason is gone and this time has been no fact it might be worse...I have seen 1 am too many times and I'm getting worn out!
Sunday Riley and I went to church and then to lunch with Hannah and Ollie and we went home so Riley could nap before Brayden's birthday party!
This little guy turned 1 and we helped him celebrate!

Unfortunately we had to celebrate his cake without him because he did not want ANY part or piece of the cake!
Riley on the other hand had a big night!

She sang behind the microphone...

Slid down the slide...
Ate with the big kids...
Scarfed down some cake...
Took a ride in the exersaucer...
and played some guitar...whew what a fun party!
Monday night Riley hung out with John and Maddie while the girls headed to our OSC (Officer Spouse's Club) Board Xmas Party and Ornament Exchange. Our advisors served us a great meal and we had a good time!
Julia, Julia, and Reyna

Me, Amanda, and Emily in front of the cozy fire...haha...have you guys seen this before? It's a DVD that burns a fire on your friend Hannah's actually crackles and the fire burns down...super cool!

We had an ornament exchange and I have to say that I think I went home with the best gift...Elf on a Shelf...I have seen this so many places and wanted to get wasn't an ornament obviously but I'm so glad someone brought it and I went home with it. It will be a great Christmas tradition for our family!
Tuesday night we had a girls night at Chipotle and Cold Stone with some friends and boy did that hit the spot!
Last night Riley and I just played and she got to bed early since we had been out late several nights before!
She had fun playing on her scooter!

More smiles!

I made Pesto Pasta for dinner and Riley scarfed it down...along with Garden Vegetable baby food and some pear. I still have problems getting finger food veggies down her so I opt for baby food and it does the trick...I'm not sure how she eats that stuff but she does and it works for me!

Quite a messy girl!
My 2 year old feeds herself baby I said it works so we will stick with it!


DiDi said...

Cute pics! We need to have her Aunt Gaby teach her how to eat her veggies! Ha!