Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Baking

Riley and I were invited to a Cookie Exchange on Saturday and I decided tonight we would start baking. We made Gingerbread Cookies and they are quite yummy!

I thought Riley would enjoy helping me bake and she did. I allowed her to stand on a chair just this once so she could see what was going on!

She started out helping me pour the flour into the mixer and at first things were going well. Then she started acting all independent (who knows where she got that from) and insisting that she do it all with no help from mom. I was not having that so she threw a bit of a tantrum and laid her head on the counter in agony!
So I decided she could have her own bowl of flour to play was obvious that her helping me was not going to work like I thought it would!

She loved playing with the flour and she even ate it as if it was good...yucko!

She then preceded to cover my kitchen floor in flour and I just let her have fun!
I was on the phone with Andrea who shares my love for order, organization, and independence...I was giving her a play by play and she simply said "I'll talk you through this!"
I did a good job of just letting Riley be...mess and all...and she had a blast and that's all that matters!
The clean up was pretty easy...just swiffered up all the flour!
After Riley went to bed it was time to roll out the dough and cut some cookies!

They turned out great and now the fun part...decorating!

If you're wondering what I had for're looking at it...gingerbread cookie dough and gingerbread cookies...I just couldn't help it!


Didi said...

You're such a good mom--and a good cook too. Those cookies looked yum!