Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Happy Girl

Riley has been one happy girl since we got to Texas and she's been SO.MUCH.FUN!
JoePa can't wait for her to wake up in the morning and a few times he's actually had to wake her up...
Riley wanted JoePa to have breakfast with her and they were making silly faces!
He worked on showing her how to show that she's 2 years old...tomorrow is her birthday and I just can't believe it!

She's getting the hang of it!

Monday after I was done working we took a ride on the boat...Riley had been talking about the boat since we landed in Austin...she LOVES being outside and she LOVES the boat!
So excited!
Love this grin!

Happy Girl!

She always gets to drive the boat with JoePa and honk the horn!

After the stressful job of driving the boat she decided to chill and have some milk!
After the boat ride we roasted marshmallows in the fire pit and it was so much fun!
Riley was in awe of the fire but didn't mess with it at all...she helped blow the marshmallows out!
She chowed down and was hesitant to share with anyone!
She was one busy girl running around in between eating marshmallows!
Riley ended up completely squishing her marshmallow in her hand holding it so tight in fear of anyone trying to steal it..she wouldn't even share with Sadie!
She was desperately in need of a bath after the sticky girl but she had so much fun!
Yesterday us girls headed to San Antonio for the mom had several things to do and I just worked a half day so Riley and I ran a few errands and she was so well behaved...we were in and out of the car and in and out of shopping carts and she was just happy for it all!
We then headed to the Hanlons house to see Mad Dog Mama (Patrice), Whitney, and Pat...Riley took a 3 hour nap while I worked in the afternoon and then it was time to play!
She had fun checking out all the Christmas decorations, especially this little bitty tree that Patrice made!
She LOVED playing with Kasey's old doll house...the funniest part was when she tried to sit on the furniture and get in the car...she didn't quite realize that she was WAY too big!

Whitney, Riley, and I went to Alamo Cafe for dinner...had to get our fix and it was so yummy!
When we got home Riley demanded that Pat sit down and drink some milk before he went off to bed...I tell ya...little girls sure can get men to obey. Pat was saying goodnight and trying to get a hug from Riley and she just smacked her hand on the floor and said "sit down"...she can be a little bossy!

After Pat went to bed we had a girls party to celebrate my mom's birthday which was last week!
Patrice made a FABULOUS chocolate cake and we all partook...Riley had a one track mind once she saw that cake and that was to be the first to get a piece!
Smooches from Grammie!
We all "cackled" as Patrice gave my mom her gift which included a beautiful platter that had a disclaimer on the bottom "Do not use to serve food. Will poison food." Awesome!

Me and my mom...Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was a super fun day for Riley! Whitney wanted to decorate cookies with Riley so she baked them last night and this morning was time for decorations!
Whitney and I
Check out Riley's face as she realized she was going to get to sprinkle the cookies!

She had so much fun and made a huge mess...some of the sprinkles containers had very big holes so the sprinkles came out in abundance!
She made sure to do quality control and check her work before she put it on the plate..anyone want a cookie?

So the red sprinkles got slightly out of control and this is what Riley looked like!

Notice all the sprinles on the cookie sheet...can you even see the cookies under the sprinkles?
That picture is me there is no blood involved...haha!
She had a blast and didn't even nap today with the sugar high from all the cookie decorating. We headed back to the lake at what would normally be her nap time thinking she would snooze on the way...not so much! She was non-stop talking, singing, clapping, and a few times she even screamed at the top of her lungs! She was so happy and after we made the trip back she went to the grocery store with Grammie and behaved so well.
I am still astonished at how happy she was and that we had no meltdowns today with the lack of a nap but she was just having too much fun! She was ready for bed early and went down without a peep.
She has to get a good night's sleep so she can celebrate her birthday tomorrow...we can't wait!


Didi said...

Priceless pictures. Love the one mimicking JoePa and her face when she realized she was going to get to put sprinkles on the cookies. What a little "Imp".

Anonymous said...

LOVE the red sprinkles! What a crazy girl! And a little envious that you got your Alamo Cafe fix :-)

Love, Nicki