Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Wednesday night the LoRusso's arrived and Riley was screaming with glee...she absolutely adores her aunt and uncle...Bubba and Gabby (used to be Babby but she can say the "G" now)!
We all hugged...well let's face it...Jason and I got hugs AFTER Riley got all the first hugs...just how it should be!
Jason made his famous minestrone and fancy grilled cheeses sandwiches and we all shared a great meal together and then Riley ate up all the attention from CJ and Gaby!
DiDi got in lots of hugs from Riley and read her a book before bed!

On Christmas Eve we had a relaxing day for the most part...Riley and Gaby did lots of playing together!

Riley had lots of people to catch up on the phone with!

There was drawing to do...
and of course a couple of tunes needed to be played on the piano!

Here's Jason and I...happy to be together for such a special time with our families!

The boys did their manly thing and fried turkeys all afternoon.
We had some SUPER cold weather blow in and yesterday was one windy and cold day which put a damper on my dad's plans to fry turkeys in the backyard so he improvised and it was a success!

Here's the whole gang before Christmas Eve dinner!
We had our own Christmas service...we read the Christmas story and sang a few songs!

After dinner the kiddos got to open one present each...I think Gaby was slightly excited!

CJ bought Riley a bathtub for her babies with his own money...such a sweet boy!
Riley gave him a kiss and I captured the cutest pic...she sure loves her Bubba!

After the presents we got cookies and milk out for Santa and wrote him a letter. Honestly I didn't think Riley would quite know what was going on but she got the hang and kept talking about Santa!
She even signed the letter herself!

We were explaining how he would come down the chimney!
And to all a goodnight!


Didi said...

We loved being there with everyone. Great family photos and memories. Love the pic playing the piano with Gaby. "Preach it, Doc!"