Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rounding out the trip...

Our last few days in Texas were definitely fun filled!

The Saturday after Christmas we all took our turn getting our profile made on the Wii fit...apparently I'm the right weight but my balancing skills are sub par as it aged me at 40 years old and it aged Jason at!

We all decided it was time to kick it in gear and do a little exercise after the eatathon that had occurred for the previous few days (or weeks in my case)!
CJ made a good attempt at yoga and look who wanted to be just like her Bubba!

Gaby and Riley did a step class together!
Riley actually scored better than CJ on the step class..the girl has rhythm!
Saturday afternoon we all headed out to the quaint German town of Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country!

The streets were all lit up and it was magical!

Riley decided she wanted to ride in style on her Daddy's shoulders!
Family pic...
We all perused the shops at our own pace and even found a great shop with all kinds of fun dips to taste...appetizer time!
After we did a little strolling we had a great dinner at a brewery / restaurant!
Riley thought she'd provide a little before dinner entertainment for all of us!
Dinner was just another way of celebrating these two girls birthdays...DiDi and Riley!
The birthday girls...this is Riley's new "fake" smile!
Sunday we had to say goodbye to Jason's family and that was not fun...we sure had a great time with everyone and miss them!
Monday Riley got to wear her new Aggie tutu and she showed strong support for the Aggies but they pretty much stunk.
Getting to watch Riley bounce around in her tutu was way more fun than watching the game!

Tuesday we headed to San Antonio for the day to catch up with some family and friends!
We ran through Panera while Riley was sleeping and it was perfect timing...I got to have an unplanned visit with my friend Nicole who I hadn't seen in way too long and she just happened to be having lunch at Panera...yay for that!
We then headed to Uncle Jan and Aunt Diane's house to spend some time with them!
Here's the guys checking out the house plans for the new house they are building...we can't wait to see it!
Diane did a superb job of entertaining Riley...she let her ride in one of Uncle Jan's other chairs and it just made her day...and kept her out of trouble!
We had a great time catching up and just love them to pieces!
After our visit we hit the stores returning items and such and it was so seemed like every store I went into I ran into someone I know...San Antonio is HUGE and the probability of that is crazy but it happened...perhaps God's way of reminding me I was home!
We met up with a bunch of our high school friends for one last Alamo Cafe fix and it was so great to see everyone...I didn't take any pics which is unfortunate...there were several other kiddos and one on the time flies since 2010 will mark Jason's 10th high school anniversary...that sure makes him sound hold...maybe he is 42...ha!
We had fun and we'll be back soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Well this Christmas was a great's just so fun getting to experience this with Riley!
It wasn't too early of a morning...we heard the kids bustling around a little before 7 and I remember Jason nudging me and asking if I wanted to get up...uh no. Not 30 seconds later and Riley started crying so we got up. We had to move Riley in our room with all the company and let's just say she didn't sleep that well so we were tired...however all of the excitement got us out of bed and we were ready to see if Santa had come!
It looks like there were some letters left from Santa!
and he ate a fair share of the cookies!
Riley wanted to help hand out all of the presents!

But then she realized that opening up was much more fun!
CJ and Gaby had fun opening presents too and they sure got some good loot!
Riley had a few meltdowns in the midst of the Christmas morning festivities...she was tired and overwhelmed but she still had a blast and got lots of new toys and clothes...she's one loved little girl!

Here's our Christmas morning family picture...Jason had to run around with Riley and get her to laugh right before this picture...the things we do!

My dad got an A&M Snuggie...hahahaha!
We actually played a trick on him because he DESPISES snuggies and actually asked that we shoot him if we ever found him in one...I think he may retract that statement soon!
He looks pretty happy in that snuggie...don't you think?
After all the presents, some eating, and showering the girls headed to the kitchen in their new aprons that I made all of them!

Here's Miss Riley in her new apron...perfect to play with in her new kitchen! I will have one to match her but I was so busy making everyone else's that mine didn't get made yet!

While my mom got our Christmas meal going Aunti Ri, Gaby, Riley, and I worked on a gingerbread house! I had this expectation that it would be terribly messy and difficult but it wasn't so bad!
I love how Riley is looking into the bowl with such wonder...she knows icing when she sees it!

Of course she got the honor of licking the beaters from this terribly sweet icing!
My dad approved the structural soundness of our gingerbread house although it was difficult as Riley was trying to eat up the icing as I was putting it on the house to hold it together!
We finally got her a bowl of yogurt to eat / play with and I would add icing to it every so often or she would have eaten WAY too much sugar!
Here's the finished product!
After we enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal...fried turkey, mashed potatoes, squash casserole, salad, and rolls...we headed outside for a fun surprise!
My parents decided we would do Christmas Texas style complete with a pinata!
It was so much fun and everyone had fun taking a whack at it!
Riley was so cute and we laughed at the concept of constantly teaching her not to hit and then yelling at her to "hit it hard" when it came time for the about confusing a kid!
Once the big kid (a.k.a. Jason) took a few nice hits to the poor pinata it was time for the fun...candy, glow sticks, and lottery tickets came pouring out!
Riley didn't quite know what to do so we had to grab some loot for her as she was preoccupied with eating skittles from the grass!
Here's a pic of me and my girl...couldn't distract her away from the pinata loot! As if the pinata wasn't enough fun we then headed to the firepit for smores!
It was pretty chilly outside although it was a beautiful day so standing by the fire felt so good!
Nani especially loved the smores and I love this picture of her and Riley sharing a moment by eating their yummy smores!
Nani's face captures it all!
Riley hadn't quite had enough fun yet so she spent much of the evening luring anyone in sight to play this cool game where she demanded you go in the pantry and she would close the door and leave you in there in the one point we had 7 people in the pantry...she can be slightly bossy at times.
In our defense, the belly laugh and giggle that came from that little girl when she opened the door in awe was worth every minute...she's so much fun!

We hope you all had a great Christmas...we sure had one filled with lots of family, love, and laughter...a great way to reflect on the precious gift of Jesus...the reason we all celebrate!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Wednesday night the LoRusso's arrived and Riley was screaming with glee...she absolutely adores her aunt and uncle...Bubba and Gabby (used to be Babby but she can say the "G" now)!
We all hugged...well let's face it...Jason and I got hugs AFTER Riley got all the first hugs...just how it should be!
Jason made his famous minestrone and fancy grilled cheeses sandwiches and we all shared a great meal together and then Riley ate up all the attention from CJ and Gaby!
DiDi got in lots of hugs from Riley and read her a book before bed!

On Christmas Eve we had a relaxing day for the most part...Riley and Gaby did lots of playing together!

Riley had lots of people to catch up on the phone with!

There was drawing to do...
and of course a couple of tunes needed to be played on the piano!

Here's Jason and I...happy to be together for such a special time with our families!

The boys did their manly thing and fried turkeys all afternoon.
We had some SUPER cold weather blow in and yesterday was one windy and cold day which put a damper on my dad's plans to fry turkeys in the backyard so he improvised and it was a success!

Here's the whole gang before Christmas Eve dinner!
We had our own Christmas service...we read the Christmas story and sang a few songs!

After dinner the kiddos got to open one present each...I think Gaby was slightly excited!

CJ bought Riley a bathtub for her babies with his own money...such a sweet boy!
Riley gave him a kiss and I captured the cutest pic...she sure loves her Bubba!

After the presents we got cookies and milk out for Santa and wrote him a letter. Honestly I didn't think Riley would quite know what was going on but she got the hang and kept talking about Santa!
She even signed the letter herself!

We were explaining how he would come down the chimney!
And to all a goodnight!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas...

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas around here...lots of shopping, wrapping, baking, and eating of course!
My parents also pulled out some very fun things that my grandfather made for me...a cradle and highchair for Riley's babies...
and this rocking horse that she LOVES to play on!

We have also been playing parents bought it and Jason hooked it all up and we are having fun!

Riley is so stinkin' smart...she wanted to play too so she used the nunchuck but soon realized that it wasn't actually the real deal!
We also had a visit from Megan and Dave and it was so much fun!
Riley loved having more people to play with her and Megan is always looking for a good time!

Here's my mom with us girls!
I checked out of work for a bit and we all went to enjoy the most glorious BBQ on the face of this words can express the taste!
After lunch Megan worked her magic and took some really great pics!
Here's Dave and Jason on the's a rough life after all!

I love this one of Riley...naked baby in one hand and fishing pole in the this girl!

While I finished up some work everyone else went on a boat ride and Megan came back exclaiming it was like seeing a kid have the best day of their life and these pictures prove it!
Love this smile!

This picture is just too cool...skydiving on the boat!

After Riley took a nap (along with Megan and Dave)...she did what she does best...steal cute purses!

Thanks for spending the day with us Megan and was so fun hanging out with you two!
After the Witte's left we all relaxed on the dock realizing it was going to be our last night of mild weather...I got to snuggle with Riley while she watched Caillou on my iPhone!

Just to be ready for all of the LoRusso clan's arrival Riley got a bath and strutted her stuff down the how the garland is perfectly placed in this pic!
So I suppose we are ready for it is just time for everyone to arrive!