Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tilden Park

 A bunch of our friends were planning a trip to Tilden Park on Saturday and that sounded like a great adventure for me and the girls!  Tilden Park is near Berkeley and is BEAUTIFUL and HUGE!  

Somehow I managed to get myself and the girls ready and out the door rather early because I planned to stop at Safeway to pick up lettuce and celery for the animals and I wanted to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte to kick off fall! was a little before fall but it was a cool crisp morning! :)

I have to share this story...Riley is VERY into being just like me and one of the ways she does that is by being a mommy to her babies...either Sally or Coco.  So on this particular day CoCo was her baby of choice and she had CoCo safely buckled in the extra carseat in the car and had brought her stroller as well.  I knew we were just going to run into Safeway quickly to grab the few things we needed so as I was getting out I gave Riley the verdict that CoCo would not be going with us on this trip and I assured her she would be fine in the car.  Well...I got out and got Tessa out of her carseat and a few minutes passed so my brain was onto something else and Riley was fully prepared to take advantage of that.  When I went around to the other side to get Riley out she said "Mommy...when I was little and you just needed to run into the store real quick did you ever just leave me in my carseat?"  Of course I responded with a gasp and "of course not can never leave a baby in the car."   Well I walked right into that one...her response was "well then I can't leave CoCo in the car"  Well as much as I had to hand it to her for completely planning to school her mom I put my foot down.  She didn't take it well, insisted she was a "real" mommy, and continued to tell me how it just wasn't fair!  That whole incident made my decision to treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte even more justified!

After all of that we made our way to the park and met up with all of our friends!

Sara and Damon had picked up donuts for everyone so we scarfed some down before heading to feed the animals!

Quinn, Riley, Ella, and Blake

The mamas...and the babies!

They kids had so much fun feeding the cows...they giggled the whole time!

 Such a pretty place!
 After feeding the animals we headed to a playground area to have picnic lunches...the babies sat together and played and ate!

Addi and Tessa!
 After lunch and playtime we headed to the steam train and it was so fun!  I snuggled up with Hannah and Gavin and Riley rode with Ella...and they squealed with glee as we went through the tunnels!

 It was a fun day and Riley literally crashed on the way home...mouth wide open drool coming out crash!  That was after she assured me she wasn't tired..hehe!

We went over to Tim and Ashley's for dinner that night so the fun didn't have to end!  Ashley cooked a great meal and the kids was a super fun day!