Saturday, July 24, 2010

Settling in...

When you've missed 4 months together as a family there's SO much you want to do when your all back together again!
Friday afternoon we headed to the pool!

Riley loved having her Daddy play with her in the pool...she rode on his back, jumped to him, and even pretended to throw him!

After the pool we headed to eat Mexican food...such a great first day home!
It has taken Jason most of this entire past week to adjust to the time difference and to catch up on sleep!
Saturday night he fell asleep on our bed at 7:30 while I was giving Riley a bath in our bathroom...while I was cleaning up the tub she went and climbed on our bed all by herself and curled up next to was the sweetest thing!
We have eaten out a lot, gone shopping, played inside and outside, cooked some great meals and ate out on our patio, and just have had lots of fun!
Tuesday night Miss M came over to play with Riley and we had a date night!
We had a great dinner, shared a bottle of wine, and then went and saw a movie...fantastico!
Thursday we went to Discovery Kingdom with Patti and Braden!
Riley rode her first roller coaster with her daddy!
Patti and Braden!
It was a pretty rough coaster considering it was made for little ones but of course Riley loved it!
Next she got to ride an airplane all by herself!
She was exstatic!
She and I rode the swings of my favorite rides...the sun was in her face for this pic!
We had to hold our hands in the air the entire time!
Then we headed to Thomas Town for splash pad time!
She and Braden ran in circles and just had a blast!

Then she took a ride on Harold the helicopter with her Daddy!
After all the rides we went to check out the shark tanks!
She was very leery of this glass protecting her from all the fishies at first but she finally trusted it and had fun checking out everything!
What a fun night!
Our first week has been great!!!