Friday, July 16, 2010

This deployment comes to an end...

The past four months we have missed this stud more than words can express!
Despite the incredibly hard job he had and the extremely long hours he did get to check out Abu Dhabi on several occasions!

He spent his last "day off" out on the town last week shopping for me (hehe) and had some great food with some good friends of his!
They threw him a going away dinner and sent him off...and we can't wait to have him home!

As I type this I we are just 12 hours away (if the plane gets off on time) from having him home. There aren't many positives that come from deployments but the feelings I have right now are one of them. Most people don't get to feel the excitement of seeing your spouse after months of's an incredible feeling!

There's anticipation, relief, butterflies, excitement, and much more.

I am stoked to see Riley's reaction to seeing her Daddy in real life and not on the computer...I'm sure the two of them will be in the swing of things as if he had never left just like they did last time!

I'm so excited for us to be a family again!


Chris and Christina Welch said...

So happy for you Lauren!! Here's to an on time arrival and lots of joyful memories!