Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off to Arkansas!

 When it was time to leave my parents I could actually see Riley struggle with being sad about leaving Grammie and JoePa but also being so excited to see Bubba, Gabby, DiDi and Doc!  She was also excited to see her Daddy...as was I...since he didn't get to come to TX with us since he had to work!   I had to explain to her that it was ok to be both sad and excited at the same time...her first lesson on bittersweet...and unfortunately it won't be the last!

The girls did great on the two quick plane rides to Little Rock and DiDi, Bubba, and Gaby were at the airport to pick is up! Riley was ecstatic!  My girls are so lucky to have the best and coolest aunt and uncle EVER!
 DiDi and Doc couldn't wait to get their hands on the girls either!

The day after we arrived Jason flew in and his girls couldn't wait to get their hands on him!

He spent some time swimming with Riley!
 I got to go for a run with my man...it was super hot but we always love running together!

 We got to see lots of friends!

The girls and I had lunch with Megan and Milo!

 Riley played dress up in Gaby's flower girl dress from our wedding...and gave Jason a heart attack almost every time!  We joked how we are already saving for her wedding and what if she decided to elope...then we looked at each other and said "no way!"
 We had a great dinner out with friends and had our first night away from both girls!

Loved hanging with these lovely ladies!
 The guys and the gals...after a great dinner at Cajun's!
 We stayed at the Peabody hotel and rather than take advantage of sleep we went to a concert and stayed up until 2 am...CRAZY!  It was so fun though!
 We had our annual sleepover at the Welch's!  

Love this family!

 We were able to attend our old church, New Life, and it was so good to be back there.  We have a great church here but it's just not the same and we just love that church!

We headed to get pizza with all our friends after church...we filled up an entire party room with all of us and our kids...it was a ton of fun!

 We got to watch CJ play some basketball!
 The cheering squad!

We hung out with the Burns family!
 We took some pics of Tessa and Kade just like we used to do with Caleb and Riley!
 Me and Tara and our babies!

 Graham and Tessa got to meet and play...Graham is one month older than Miss T!
 Reed and Riley had a great time playing!!
 Deacon, Finley, and Ashley came over too to play...fun fun fun!

 After all the fun with our friends guys left to go to TX for some fishing and the girls got ready for Nani to arrive!!

Then it was meatball time!
 Nani with the big girls!
 Nani loving on Tessa!
 Got this great pic of my girls...oh how I love them so!
 The Burns boys got to come over to swim before we left...a little swimming, a little trampoline, and lots of fun!
 We visited the Museum of Discovery the day before we left and it was AWESOME!

Gaby and Riley had fun with the vacuum tunnels!
 Riley was so persistent in using the pulleys to pull her self up all by herself...and she did it!
 She even braved laying on a bed of nails...I look too happy putting her on their don't I?  HeHe!
Jason left from TX after the guys had a GREAT fishing trip and flew home to get back to work.

 Bubba and Doc came home just before we headed back to Cali so we were able to spend some time with them before we left!

 What a great trip!

We had so much fun seeing all of our family and friends on this "Tour de Grandparents"

We had a late night getting back in to Cali but the girls did great and it was worth it because it basically put them back on Pacific time pretty quickly.