Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

We were at Brix in Napa having brunch with some friends the weekend before the 4th so I dressed the fam in red, white, and blue since I figured we'd take some pictures! 

We got a few cute ones but when you have to rely on random strangers to take your family photo you get what you get, right?

  Both girls  have their hands in their mouth..haha!

 When the 4th came around we went over to Hannah's neighbor's house to celebrate!

They have a fabulous corner lot and an amazing backyard and they have a big party every year and we were thankful to get to celebrate with them!

Ollie and Riley are the best of friends...they were two peas in a pod sitting by the pool in their perfectly colored chairs!
 Tessa hung out for a little bit and then conked out in the ergo until it was time for the fireworks!
 They played camping, babies, and all sorts of fun their imaginations!
Time for sparklers! 

Riley was a little reluctant...especially after an ember landed on my foot and I screamed! :)

 After the sparkler fun we moved to the front lawn to camp out and watch the fireworks...God Bless America!

What a fun 4th of July!