Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lake Time!

Riley had about 5 weeks off of school so we decided to take off on our "Tour de Grandparents" trip!!!  Almost 4 weeks of non-stop fun visiting Texas and Arkansas!

First stop was Texas!  Jason took me and the girls to the airport and off we went.  The flight to Texas is direct and about 3 hours so it was no too bad!  The girls were great!  We all were asleep for a small moment!  We sat next to a sweet girl who helped keep the girls entertained!

 We made so did ALL of our belongings!  Geez...Jason thought I should pack lightly..haha!

 We had loads of fun at the lake...lots of jumping on the water "jumpoline"
 Lots of sweet smiles sitting by the water playing!
 Lots of boat was so sweet because Riley wanted to hold Tessa's hand for her first boat ride..melted my heart!
 Sweet Tessa in her life jacket!
 Tessa got to play with new toys from Grammie and JoePa!
 I got to do lots of swimming with my big girl!
 There were lots of kisses from JoePa!

 Paddle boating with Grammie!
Riley got to visit Kiddie Park with Grammie...a fun park in San Antonio that I used to go to all the time as a kid!

 We got to visit Uncle Jan and he was able to meet Miss Tessa!
 Grammie took Riley to a cooking class at Young Chef's Academy and she made nachos and cookies with her friends...such a fun thing!

 We got to see Uncle Jim...Tessa had a lot to tell him!
 He colored some pictures with Riley and she loved that!
 We got to hang out with the Hanlon girls!
 There was lots of homemade ice cream!
 There was tubing with my girl and I will never forget the giggles that went with every was so much fun!
 Sweet cousins...Tessa June, Quincy June, and Riley
 Such a fun visit with my cousin Kassie and her sweet girl Quincy!
 Thanks Grammie and JoePa for so many great memories made at the lake...we can't wait to come back!
 Me and my sweet girls!
 My girls sure do love the lake!
 Next stop...Arkansas!