Sunday, October 11, 2009

This weeks fun...

We started last Sunday with church and lunch at Panera...yum! After that I had a girls afternoon with Amanda and we did some shopping and went to visit our friend Julia who just welcomed her second baby, a little girl named Emma, into the world! Yay for baby girls!

After visiting Emma, we met up with the boys and our girls for a bike ride which was super fun! We headed back to our house for some pizza and we let the girls play play play!

We also let them do things they shouldn't do while the dads were out picking up the pizza!

Monkey see Monkey do!
Amanda and Maddie peeking over the counter!

Riley also stepped right into her role as a little mommy and jumped in a chair to feed Maddie...before we knew it Maddie was feeding Riley her turkey...haha!

We had a really good week between work and playing...we spent lots of time outside and I have now mastered running with Riley and both dogs! I get lots of comments ranging from " have your hands full" to "I'd like to get a picture of that", but honestly it's much easier than it looks. The dogs are both great on a leash and my run is a brisk walk for them so they keep me on pace and they get a good work out as well!

If we weren't outside we might have been inside letting Riley jump on our bed!

We each man one side of the bed and let her go to town! She especially likes it when we push her belly and make her crash down on the pillows!

In the midst of the jumping Riley noticed that Jason had gum in his mouth and she preceded to try all kinds of antics to get the gum from the process she made lots of funny faces!

So much fun!

Riley has been at an in-home daycare for the past several weeks for 3 hours a day and it has worked out really well. There have been a few mornings that have been difficult to juggle her and work if she woke up early but for the most part it's been great! Her spot opened up in the CDC on base, however, and after attending the orientation I couldn't help wanting her to attend there. Let's just say it's more of what I'm used to and more of what she's used to and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her teachers! It's full time care, but we can take her and pick her up whenever we want! Her first day is Tuesday which means Friday was her last day at her other school!

I made cupcakes for her class and took a few pictures before we said our goodbyes!

One last ride...

All of Riley's friends and teachers...

She had a great time with Auntie and Erica and she made great friends...we are excited about all the CDC has to offer and can't wait to see how much fun Riley has!

Riley got to eat her cupcake after her nap on Friday...oh yeah...I must tell you about Friday's nap and all that it entailed! I put her down and about 20 minutes later I heard "Mommmyyyy...Moooommmyyy" and a knocking coming from her room...I was bewildered as to what could be going on so I opened the door to find Riley standing right there...she had climbed out of her crib and was knocking on her door to get out...WHAT?

I was actually humored by the whole thing at first, put her back in, and left the room. Lo and behold 10 minutes later the same thing happened AGAIN! This time I went in and sternly scolded her threatening her with punishment...she cried...I put her back in her bed...she went to sleep! We haven't had any more problems with her trying to get out and we are going to take it day by day and see what happens. I'm not ready for a big girl bed but I don't want her climbing out of her crib either...gotta love it!

She made quite the mess...I made a recipe that specifically produced "moist cupcakes" and that meant millions of crumbs everywhere...but she had fun and that's all that matters!

After her crib escape and a cupcake to celebrate her last day of school we played outside some more!

DiDi and Doc sent this swing for Riley and Jason hung it up last weekend and Riley loves to swing in it!

After swinging we headed to the front yard where Riley attempted to slide down the stepping stones on the small hill in our front yard...

She also popped all the sprinklers back into place...this is a common joy of Riley's!

And after all of this playing she was simply wiped...time to put her hands on her back and call it a day...whew!

We are just enjoying Riley so much these days...we are constantly working on the art of sharing...we are constantly working on lessening the appearance of tantrums...we are constantly relishing the giggles, the dancing, the kisses, and the hugs! She has played with TONS of friends this week and it is a ton of fun to watch her interact with her friends whether they be older or younger...she is in awe of her older friends and she mothers her younger friends...she is a sweet little girl and loves living life!


Nicole said...

She's so precious, Lauren! I love the swing picture and the hands on the back. i'm so thankful for sure does help tell the story of our lives, huh?