Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Feet...Riley Style

Well the Halloween festivities started for us today and we had the cutest little penguin and had so much fun!

Since Jason will miss yet another Halloween with us we decided to barge in on the KC-10 squadron Trick or Treat tonight so he could experience Halloween with Riley!

Here's our little penguin...

She started off with her basket for her loot but the loot never actually made in in there other than in the form of trash because she HAD to eat it right away! In order to be a good mom and make sure she didn't get a belly ache from all the sugar I had to take one for the team and eat half of all of her candy before she was able to eat it all...that was nice of me wasn't it?
Here are some other kiddos including Maddie who was a shark...so cute!

Cooper, a monkey with a banana in his pocket, and Riley...they were too involved in candy and other kids costumes to stop and pose for a picture...and notice Riley's eating her loot!
They had a huge maze out of boxes for the kids to go through and they had so much fun!

Here they come...
Since Riley had only taken a whopping 20 minute nap at school we started to get a fussy penguin towards the end...her Daddy tried to calm her down...perhaps it was sugar low on top of the tiredness!
Alas...pizza brightened her day!
After the Trick or Treat we headed to Chipotle with the Habbestad's since the parents hadn't eaten yet and Riley had fun playing outside while we waited on everyone to get there!

And this is the sleepy penguin that we arrived home with...just plain tuckered out!

She had a great first go round of Trick or Treating...last year she basically crawled around looking cute but this year she can actually get the hang of things. We'll be back at it on Saturday when we go Trick or Treating on base and can't wait!


Ashley W. said...

Oh my dear goodness - I love the penguin costume - couldnt be more perfect! HAPPY! :) Coop looks adorable too! I would eat my loot before it hit the bucket too!!!

Ashley said...

So cute! It looks like you all had lots of fun. And yes it is perfectly acceptable for you to eat her candy so she doesn't get a belly ache :)

Becky said...

She's super cute in her costume!