Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey and Haircuts...

I got to have Thanksgiving lunch with Riley and her friends and it was so fun!

She was slightly excited that I got to come eat with her!

We had all the traditional Thanksgiving food and I got to witness her eating an entire meal complete with veggies...that doesn't happen too often at home!

After we all ate Miss April took some bread outside to feed the birdies and the kiddos loved looking out the window and watching the birds eat!

I just love this little girl!
After school that same day Riley was in for a special treat...her first hair cut!

I personally had cut one strand of hair that was getting rather long but other than that this girl had not had a haircut at all! I had gotten my hair done a few weeks prior and talked to Christie and she suggested a good trim to get the curls to lay better and help Riley's hair to not be so crazy!

So she started with a wash like a big girl and she wasn't quite sure what to think!
Then it was time to cut and she told Christie to "be gentle" and "to be careful"...gotta love it! She liked looking at herself in the mirror and had a semi-difficult time keeping her head straight but she did great!
Christie asked if I wanted her to blow dry it and since we had never done that before I was anxious to see what her hair would look like!
Well I think she looked completely different with her new do but I loved it and she did too!
She kept saying "I just need to look in the mirror oooonnnnneeee more time" funny!

We went and ate at Inn-N-Out afterwards and she just loved showing off her new do!
Unfortunately, as I know all too well, this hair will be a lot of work to keep up with! The cut works great for her curls and they do lay so much better and even curl up better but now I know I have the option to blow dry it too! The next morning her hair was back to complete curls and when she saw herself she said "Oh no! My hair is gone!"