Saturday, November 6, 2010

A day in Bolinas...

The Saturday before Jason left we were going to go to our favorite breakfast place not far from our house but Jason had an itch to go a little further and make a day trip out of it. He yelped some restaurants and told me and Riley to get was a surprise for us!

Riley said "Ok Daddy...I have my scarf and my shades...I'm ready to hit the road"

I knew we were driving toward the coast but didn't know exactly where we were going. When we came across this farm that had this barn with a huge peace sign I looked at Jason and said "where are you taking us?" and he said "I have no idea!"
Our final destination was this restaurant in the hippy town of Bolinas. He had yelped this restaurant but really had no idea what kind of town Bolinas was. We went on in and had brunch and the food was fabulous!
While we were eating we had heard this guy talking about Robert Earl Keen which caught our attention because Bolinas was the last place we thought we'd find someone that knew something about Texas country music. We finished up our food and went to leave when we met the man who had been talking about Robert Earl Texas Tad.
He had been sitting across the street playing his guitar and he yelled to us saying that Jason was his homeboy because he had lived in Texas too. You see we had taken Bubba Buford (Jason's truck) and it had our A&M stickers on it. So he started talking with us and he made the comment "yeah they really like my singing down there." We assumed he meant in Texas and he said "oh San Quentin...I served three times there." That pretty much caught us off guard but we kept talking to him. Riley was playing in the bed of Jason's truck and he started singing for her...she even requested Robert Earl Keen and he did his best to sing one of his songs. As he's singing this older hippy man, Larry the hippie, walks up and just starts standing by the truck "jamming" with Texas Tad....he was quite a site and Riley even clued in to that. We were just looking at each other and thinking "we're not in the South anymore" but we were very amused. The two of them talked, explained that they were not homeless but that they were camping, and they even showed us their medicinal marijuana cards...and even encouraged us to get some of our own. We'll get right on that Texas Tad and Larry the hippie! Larry told us how he ended up in Bolinas because they "live like kings" and "that's where all the hippies go to die." We bought Texas Tad some lunch and decided to go on our way...that was an experience we will never forget.

After our short visit to Bolinas we decided to stop at Stinson Beach and play for a bit!
Riley had a blast playing in the sand and running was quite chilly so we didn't let her get her feet wet this time!
Family Riley's scrunched up face!
Feet in the sand!

What a fun and memorable's a video recap of the day...the footage of Larry the hippie and Texas Tad is priceless...enjoy!