Monday, January 25, 2010

Another trek to Tahoe

Last weekend we made up for our missed weekend in Tahoe and headed up to ski! While we received 10 straight days of rain, Lake Tahoe received 4 - 8 feet of snow! The news kept referring to the skiing as being an "epic" event because of all the fresh snow so we weren't the only ones headed up to ski!
Originally the forecast showed the weekend being sunny and clear but in fact it snowed on us pretty much the entire weekend!
We left our house at 6:30 am (didn't even know we could do that) and started what turned out to be a 5 hour trek...whew!
The snow was coming down and the roads were pretty bad...we made it just fine but were glad to see that everyone was taking it slow and they were really checking people for chains!
As you can see visibility was not that great!

Check out the exit sign!
More piled up snow on the road signs...that's a lot of snow for us Texans!

Once we made it over the summit we encountered traffic due to the "epic" event, but honestly it didn't bother us to have to sit because it is just so beautiful...a winter wonderland!

We made it to Homewood to ski for several hours...we switched skiing and sledding with Riley!
She even tried just sliding down the hill without her sled!

This girl loves the snow!
After a few hours of skiing and a snow bunny that hadn't napped AT ALL we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the South Shore to get some sleep...or so we thought!
Here are some awesome pics of the lake we took on our just don't do this place justice!

So we had a great hotel room with a fabulous view and a big comfy bed...too bad Riley decided that sleep was not for her! She was quite congested and that kept her waking every hour and then she decided that 4 am would be a great time to wake up and play...until 7 am when she crashed HARD and it was time for us to get up...oh my lord! We were literally in bed for 12 hours but felt like we hadn't slept a wink!
Luckily we had arranged for Riley to go to Kids' Camp while we skied at Sierra so we were able to ski together and she pretty much slept the entire time!
It was really snowing on Sunday and we had to make a detour to the ski shop at the ski resort to purchase goggles and neck warmers...we went down the mountain once without those items and it was brutal!
Here we are sporting our new gear!
We had a blast skiing and got several good hours in before the snow kept getting worse and we were ready to call it a day!
Here's what we found when we went to pick up Riley!

Poor pumpkin was pooped...I wonder why!
She couldn't even wake up enough to snap a picture with us!

This is all the snow that had accumulated just while we had been skiing!

Luckily the roads weren't bad going home and we made it back, grabbed dinner, and were unpacked by 8 that night...we have the one night trip mastered!
We have one more weekend planned with a big group of friends and can't wait to get back up there!


Nicole said...

Hi Lauren! I love that you guys are so close to all that beauty. Love the yawning picture Riley. So precious!

Didi and Doc said...

How fun! And at home the next weekend you're in shorts mowing the lawn. Go figure! What a neat state! The scenery is just beautiful! Glad you guys are having so much fun!