Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sip and See

Today my mom hosted a Sip and See for Riley and it was so much fun...we got to catch up with lots of family and friends and Riley slept through most of the party, but that made it easy to pass her around so everyone could hold her.
Here is two generations of aunts...Gabi and Maria!
Riley LOVES her Aunt Gabi!

This is Jen, my best friend from high school, loving on Riley!

Here are all of the LHS was like a mini reunion for all of us and it was so fun to catch up and laugh just like the good 'ol days!

Remember how I mentioned my bag was near the weight limit on the way down, well we will have to ship Riley's gifts home because we got tons of great things. Riley is truly loved and we thank all of our family and friends for everything! This girl has more clothes than I do and that is no joke!


Becky said...

The picture of Gabi and Riley is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

gabby lets go to bed and practice making babies

Anonymous said...

I agree but first I want to sample her sweet, tight little bumhole, the first time a little girl takes it in the bum is awesome